Packing house and cold storage construction: a general reference work on the planning, construction and equipment of modern American meat packing plants

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Nickerson, 1915 - Cold storage - 310 pages
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Page 291 - The floors, walls, ceilings, partitions, posts, doors, and other parts of all structures shall be of such materials, construction, and finish as will make them susceptible of being readily and thoroughly cleaned.
Page 294 - Every official establishment shall file with the department blue prints or other accurate diagrams showing all underground pipe lines and other equipment used to convey edible products and those used to convey inedible products, with a description giving the exact location, terminals, and dimensions of such pipes and other equipment and of all gates, valves, or other controlling apparatus, and designating the lines used for conveying edible products and those used for conveying inedible products,...
Page 257 - ... pound of powdered Spanish whiting and a pound of clear glue, dissolved In warm water; mix these well together and let the mixture stand for several days. Keep the wash thus prepared in a kettle or portable furnace; and when used, put It on as hot as possible, with painters
Page 291 - There shall be abundant light, both natural and artificial, of good quality and well distributed, and sufficient ventilation for all rooms and compartments to insure sanitary condition. (c) There shall be an efficient drainage and plumbing...
Page 293 - ... and rinse them in clean water. Implements used in dressing diseased carcasses shall be thoroughly cleansed in boiling water or in a prescribed disinfectant, followed by rinsing in clean water. The employees of the establishment who handle any...
Page 290 - US retained" prominently displayed. (b) Adequate facilities, including denaturing materials, for the proper disposal of condemned articles including carcasses, parts of carcasses and other materials, shall be provided. (c) Rooms or compartments adequate in size and properly equipped for holding samples of canned products prepared for certification under incubation, shall be maintained at the temperature specified in 355.25(i).
Page 1 - Packing house and cold storage construction; a general reference work on the planning, construction and equipment of modern American meat packing plants.
Page 288 - When required by the chief of the division or the inspector in charge, the following facilities and conditions, and such others as may be essential to efficient conduct of inspection and maintenance of sanitary conditions, shall be provided by each official establishment : a) Satisfactory pens, equipment, and assistants for conducting ante-mortem inspection and for separating, marking, and holding apart from passed animals those marked " US suspect" and those marked
Page 292 - Equipment and utensils used for preparing, processing, and otherwise handling any product shall be of such materials and construction as will make them susceptible of being readily and thoroughly cleaned and such as will insure strict cleanliness in the preparation and handling of all products.
Page 288 - Furnished office room, including light, heat, and janitor service, shall be provided by official establishments, rent free, for the exclusive use for official purposes of the inspector and other Program employees assigned thereto.

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