Pagovia and the Ghost of Captain Jerney

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Booktango, Jun 21, 2012 - Fiction
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Pagovia and the Ghost of Captain Jerney is a beautifully sketched fiction that involves a ghost, the ghost of Captain Samsee Jerney. The ghost comes to Port Paloga and must win the All Mediterranean Darts Championship to be relieved of earthly apparitions and achieve eternal freedom. The author, Dr. Nagabhushan, chooses medieval times and towns in the Mediterranean Delta for the story setting and methodically unfolds the mystery. Before his death, Captain Jerney must fulfill two of his ambitions for his soul to rest in peace. First, he must become the Captain of a powerful fleet of pirate ships on the Mediterranean Sea, and second, he must win at least one major darts championship. Opportunities are created for Samsee to change from a mere street hoodlum as a youth to an expert ship builder. It is then that his life is transformed. His curiosity about a visiting Spanish Galion brings him into contact with Captain Devor Silo, a merchant on the sea and owner of the Galion. Captain Silo takes an infatuated liking for Samsee, and from a successful sťance with the fortune teller Madam Zolna, learns that Samsee is actually a distant cousin of his. Delighted by this finding and the likelihood that he might be the right person to succeed him, Captain Silo invites him to stay with him at his estate on the Island of silo. Samsee was never happy commandeering just merchant ships, and after Captain Silo's death turns to building powerful combat vessels and trains his crew for sea battles. His capturing of the notorious pirate Enrico Sorgen sets the stage for him to achieve supremacy as the most feared pirate and thus fulfills his first obsession, He trains under the coaching of his confidant, Buano Selis to master the dart game but both die in a battle near Port Paloga before Captain Jerney could get a chance to compete for the championship title. He returns to port Paloga as a ghost and seeks the help of Mr. Sergo Solvola, the defense minister of Pagovia, to win the All Mediterranean Dart Championship.

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