Paid Out

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Low, Marston, 1919 - 295 pages
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Page 116 - I am not a technical man, will be happy to answer to the best of my ability, any questions you may have.
Page 17 - Murstock, with a quiet smile, "but, of course, one has to take life as it comes and make the best of it.
Page 28 - I should say it looks uncommonly bad in a young man who wants to make his way in the world — like myself, for instance. But come in, Uncle, and I'll tell you all about it.
Page 77 - I must make one condition, and that is, that you give me your word of honour that whatever happens you will not disclose to anyone the name or identity of my friend.
Page 250 - ... to another friend who lives In a different part of the country. Say why you think each will enjoy knowing the other.] 5 Armernian Lane, Kolkata 700 005. 7th February, 2001 My dear Haider Ali, You have often heard me speak of my friend, Abdul Latif, who is a barrister here. He is an old friend of mine, and one for whom I have a great admiration. Well, he is going to Mumbai in a few days and will probably make a fairly long stay there. And as I want you two to meet and get to know each other, I...
Page 57 - For a few moments the old man sat regarding his nephew in silence, with his head on one side, as though he were turning over some point that had just occurred to him. Murstock was about to speak when his uncle went on again. "Excuse my asking you, Henry...
Page 30 - Uncle," he said at length, when an opportunity presented itself for him to break in, and anxious now to bring the interview to an end as speedily as possible, "I must confess I deserve a severe wiping down.
Page 52 - ... and I have taken the liberty of coming to see you about it. It's always useful to be able to talk these things over with someone whom one can trust implicitly, and it is very likely your judgment may assist me.
Page 57 - Murstock replied, with an effort at a reassuring smile, "it's very kind of you to be so concerned about my health, but I am happy to say I am perfectly well. In fact, as fit as a fiddle.
Page 92 - ... and that he was going to show it to his friend the broker, who, the writer stated, had a considerable knowledge of precious stones.

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