Painting by Immersion and by Compressed Air: A Practical Handbook

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Managing engineer, 1915 - Painting, Industrial - 272 pages
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Page 243 - ... the same ; and in the event of the occupier failing to comply with such requisition within two months from the date of the notice, the special exception shall cease to apply to such part of a factory.
Page 243 - Order, from the makers of the paint, and the dates of the original painting and of each washing and repainting, shall be entered in or attached to the general register. 4. In this Order a washable water paint means a washable water paint which when finished for use contains — (i) at least half its weight of solid pigment containing not less than twenty-five parts by weight of zinc sulphide as zinc white (lithopone) in each hundred parts by weight of solid pigment...
Page 243 - ... (3) that nothing in this Order shall be taken to affect the obligation of keeping the factory in a cleanly state, as prescribed by sub-section (1) of the said section ; (4) that if it appear to an inspector that any part of a factory to which the exception applies is not in a cleanly state, he may, by written notice, require the occupier to limewash...
Page 108 - From what has already been said, it will be obvious that the most important part of a spraying plant is the correct construction of the actual sprayer or spraying pistol.
Page 287 - Containing 287 samples of actual oil and water paints and water colours of various colours, including the principal graining grounds and upwards of 600 different colour mixtures, with instructions on colour and paint mixing 5eneraHy, testing colours, etc..
Page vii - There is abundant evidence to prove that the application of paint, either by means of dipping, spraying or other mechanical means, effects an enormous saving of time over the old method of using brushes, while the coats of paint are more durable and thorough. This saving of time not only lowers the cost of production to a very considerable extent, but it permits of a large increase in the output.
Page 2 - With the computer it is possible to review thousands of bits of data in a fraction of the time it would take to do the same thing by hand,
Page 260 - The action of deposition is probably a complex oneThe minute particles of solid metal are driven with such force against the object that, in some cases, they fuse, but. owing to their small relative size, are promptly chilled by the object to which they adhere. If any of the particles are molten or gaseous they will adhere. In addition, the suddenly chilled particles are possibly, or even probably, in the state of unstable equilibrium found in "Prince Rupert's Drops...
Page 259 - Ib. per square inch air pressure, so that with an air supply at 80 Ib. per square inch, which is a very suitable figure for ordinary spraying, the air consumption will be from 45 to 50 cubic feet per minute. The...
Page 289 - PAINT AND COLOUR MIXING. A Practical Handbook for Painters, Decorators, Artists, and all who have to mix colours. Containing 300 samples of actual oil and water colours.

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