Palmerin of England, Volume 2

Front Cover
Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees and Orme, 1807
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Page 99 - the passion therefore became so strong upon him, that his strong heart failed, and such was the power of these fantastic thoughts over him, that with the semblance of one dead he lay at the foot of the willow trees. In
Page 376 - The giants Albuzarco and Albaroco, companions of Barrocante, refused to accept the battle; answering, that if there were no giants for them to deal withal, more knights should be given them, for one to one they would not enter the lists. But he of the Desert, who on
Page 386 - Would that I had here him who conquered Dramuziando and all the guardians of his castle, and would that here were with him four of the best knights on the earth, so losing my life on them, I might the better brook my fortune,
Page 368 - body, clad in rich apparel, but little goodly ; behind her three giants, of bigness out of measure, whose armour was of one colour and fashion, their bodies being covered with plates of steel, so huge and strong, that it seemed impossible for
Page 368 - to demolish them ; their helmets, which were carried by three men, were made of a white bone surpassing smooth, and so hard that its strength was yet more to be admired than that
Page 99 - lying with his face over that clear and quiet water, he began to call his lady Polinarda to mind, and the length of time it was since he had seen her,
Page 128 - The ninth knight advanced, in grey arms with scallops of gold, and upon a mulberry-coloured horse, being of better countenance than those who had adventured before him.
Page 221 - he came up and beheld a knight endeavouring to force her, and two others sitting by on horseback, laughing to see her defend herself'.
Page 16 - he espied a damsel come riding towards him, her hair loose, and she using such speed as the fear she was in occasioned.
Page 82 - underneath every one, made him to have knowledge of divers that had

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