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Page 115 - I thank you very much for the kind way in which you have responded to the proposal which his Grace has made to you.
Page 10 - Year of Her Reign; and I have to inform you that Her Majesty was pleased to receive the same very graciously. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, HENRY MATTHEWS. The Secretaries of the Royal Meteorological Society. The following Papers were read, viz. : — " The use of the Spectroscope as a Hygrometer simplified and explained.
Page 6 - Moved by Mr. JAMES DUCKWORTH, MP ; seconded by Mr. PERCY W. BUNTING, (London) ; supported by Mr. ROBERT J. PRICE, MP, and Resolved : — ' ' That this Council warmly approves of the proposal to create a Special Fund for reorganising those constituencies in which the party machinery is at present defective. "The Council, believing that the triumph of Liberal principles at the polls can best be achieved by resolutely undertaking this duty of local reorganisation and education of the electorate, pledges...
Page 100 - Commons, it was of vital importance for British commerce and influence that the independence of Chinese territory should be maintained.
Page 11 - That this Council re-affirms its adherence to the principles for which the Federation has always contended...
Page 39 - The Annual Council Meeting," we read, "must either be (a) an open conference for the debate of multitudinous questions about which the party has come to no agreement, or (6) an Assembly of a declaratory character to emphasise matters upon which the party are agreed. The former function is impossible, if merely because the Council may consist of more than a thousand persons sitting for less than a dozen hours. ... It is inevitable (and there is no reason why it should not be frankly recognised) that...
Page 10 - I have had the honour to lay before The Queen the loyal and dutiful Address of the President...
Page 62 - They would have been found a few years later shouting for " The Bill, the whole Bill, and nothing but the Bill.
Page 20 - That temporary parochial relief shall not disqualify its recipient for the Franchise, and 'That the Parliamentary Franchise be extended to Women;' "That all elections shall be held on one and the same day; that the polling hours be extended in those districts in which such extension is necessary, to enable the electors to record their votes without difficulty, and that all electors inside...
Page 68 - That this council deplores the results which have as a whole attended the foreign, colonial, and Indian policy of the Government — a policy of alternately bullying the weak and making ' graceful concessions ' to the strong — which, since the accession of Lord Salisbury to office, has given rise to an unparalleled series of crises and complications, involving an expenditure on armaments beyond all precedent, and seriously compromising the honour and interests of the country.

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