Panchatantra I.[-V.] ...

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Franz Kielhorn, Georg BŘhler
Government Central Book Department˘t, 1885

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Page 81 - Sthirajţvin ? are somewhat singular. Instead of stating how he is to be treated, they give lectures on the excellence of kindness, treachery, bribing and of the employment of force respectively, just as the Ministers of Meghavarna in the beginning of the book. These answers are, however, intended to indicate indirectly the manner how Sthirajţvin is to be used.
Page 72 - tfllrl ^: which so frequently occurs in the Sanskrit dramas. The prŔs, indie, is used for the imper. in wishes made by inferiors for the welfare of superiors, in order to be more complimentary. Compare the Latin exhortations, lfac,utfecisti/ etc.
Page 75 - III. 79 water, he does not turn round, but walks backwards, just like an old bird. The latter must do so in order not to soil the feathers of his tail.
Page 69 - The connexion of p. 17, 1. 3 — 1C seems to be this. The carpenter at first doubts whether it will be proper to try his wife. He quotes slokas 49 and 50 against the undertaking. But...
Page 66 - For it is, at least now, not customary to erect Mandapas simply for the reception of guests.
Page 71 - Sarama is in Vedic mythology the bitch of the gods that assisted in the recovery of the cows of the Angiras from the Pa˝is. P.
Page 74 - an enemy.' 5^r has a double sense. It means the sign of Libra, which the sun enters in autumn at the end of the monsoon, and the phrase ´´fţrTfÓT^ has also the meaning 'to become equal to (by strenuous exertion).
Page 67 - Sagotra-sapiudas, ie, descendants, ascendants, and collaterals in the male lines within seven degrees, probably because, under the old law, these persons alone inherited. Compare also YÔjnavalkya IL, 263, with tho remarks of Vijnan es vara on the passage.
Page 65 - The part. perf. pass, indicates the firm resolution, which is so firm that the act may be considered as good as done. P. 3, 1. 1. — ^źf&T 'diamond-cement.
Page 65 - Vaisvadeva is the sacrifice which ought to be oft'ered before the morning and evening meals with the freshly prepared food. It includes oblations to various deities and ends with one offered to the visvo devÓh, all the gods; see Manu III., 8-Ý, sqq., arid 121. c^l^qiH: abahuvrihi-compound. P. J, 1. ] 1.— ^TT 'a Vcdic school,' such as that of the Apastambas.

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