Papers from the Notes of an Engineer

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Scientific publishing Company, 1889 - Bolivia - 103 pages

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Page 45 - The claimant is owner of, and may work to an unlimited depth, all the ground, veins, deposits, and mineral occurrences within his surface claim and within the vertical planes passed through all the surface boundary lines of such claim.
Page 38 - The exact course of a portion of her southern limit, separating Bolivia from the Argentine Republic, has been for some time undetermined; hence the main outlets for Bolivian trade are through Chilian, Peruvian, and Argentine territory. The most accessible port of the former is Arica, which involves a tedious...
Page 42 - ... before the California State Geological Society, set forth its advantages and describe its use : Batea is the name given to the gold-washer's bowl, or vanning dish, used in the placer and gold mines of Brazil ; a small implement, which affords the most simple method of separating, on a limited scale, the grains of gold from the dirt, sand, pyritic matter, magnetic iron, etc. The form of the batea in common use in Brazil is a circular, shallow, wooden dish, or bowl, rudely fashioned with an adze...
Page 101 - Graphically represented, a mine's life is something after the fashion of a crescendo with a corresponding decrescendo...
Page 20 - New York to Callao New York to Guayaquil New York to San Francisco Via Cape Horn.
Page 77 - With the exception of the mill, the entire plant can be run either by steam or water, and can be changed from one to the other in a few minutes
Page 84 - From the tank, a 4-inch pipe leads the water to the mill, where it is distributed by a series of smaller pipes and valves to the batteries, concentrators, and clean-up machines.

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