Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Volume 1

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Appended to vols. 1-5 are statements concerning the school, regulations of the school, etc., dated Jan. 1885, Jan. 1888, Feb. 1892.

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Page 246 - Ion was at all events a younger contemporary of Aeschylus. cean Life of Aeschylus,1 the poet actually fought on one of the Athenian ships at Salamis. In any case his testimony is unimpeachable ; and although he is a poet, to whom it would be absurd to look for a detailed and accurate history of the battle, it is at least safe to say that nothing can be accepted as historic which distinctly contradicts any plain statement of Aeschylus regarding the contest. In 473-472 BC, less than eight years after...
Page 201 - Reges amici atque socii et singuli in suo quisque regno Caesareas urbes condiderunt et cuncti simul aedem lovis Olympii Athenis antiquitus incohatam perficere communi sumptu destinaverunt Genioque eius dedicare...
Page 198 - Olympic facienti fundamenta constituerunt, post mortem autem eius propter interpellationem reipublicae 3 incepta reliquerunt. Itaque circiter annis quadringentis * post Antiochus rex, cum in id opus inpensam esset pollicitus, cellae magnitudinem et columnarum circa dipteron conlocationem epistyliorumque et ceterorum ornamentorum ad symmetriam distributionem magna sollertia scientiaque summa civis Romanus Quossutius B nobiliter est architectatus.
Page 199 - Magnificentiae vero in Deos vel Jovis Olympii templum Athenis, unum in terris inchoatum pro magnitudine Dei, potest testis esse.
Page 233 - Rules and Formulas for Dimensions of Spur Gears" has been prepared. By grouping the formulas and dimensions together in this manner, they may be more easily found when wanted. The formulas are numbered, making reference to any of them more convenient. The first sixteen formulas are placed in the order in which they would naturally present themselves to the designer when determining the dimensions of a pair of 21 Rules and Formulas for Dimensions of Spur Gears * * Prom MACHINERY'S HANDBOOK, page 550.
Page 187 - Ce même empereur fit faire pour soy un palais fort magnifique dont on void encore des restes dans un champ entre la ville et une petite rivière. On dit qu'il y avoit autrefois six vingt colomnes de marbre. Il en reste encore environ seize, extrêmement hautes, et si grosses que deux hommes n'en sauraient embrasser une, et sur chacune desquelles on void des restes d'une petite gallerie voûtée. Entre quatre de ces colomnes il ya une petite chapelle des Grecs toute entière.
Page 189 - Turkish piastres) for having destroyed those venerable2 remains. The Athenians relate, that, after this column was thrown down, the three others nearest to it were heard at night to lament the loss of their sister ! and these nocturnal lamentations did not cease to terrify the inhabitants, till the sacrilegious Voivode, who had been appointed governor of Zetoun, was destroyed by poison.
Page 234 - ... Poseidon's proof in regard to the territory Athene disputed with him. Sacred to Athene is all the rest of Athens, and similarly all Attica; for although they worship different gods in different townships, none the less do they honor Athene generally. And the most sacred of all is the statue of Athene in what is now called the Acropolis...
Page 155 - A bending figure with wings is holding between his hands a cock, which he is about to let go for the fight.
Page 248 - To£at) , and (set) others round about the island of Ajax, must include what Diodorus describes as " sending out the Egyptian naval force with orders to block the passage between Salamis and the coast of Megara," which is described in somewhat different language by Herodotus.1 Vv.

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