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Morison, 1885

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Page 167 - ... reporters of writing the letter. My days in the City Hall, like my days as a police reporter, were not long, but by the time they were over I had begun to think of myself as a journeyman journalist, and was so accepted by the elder brethren of the craft. It was not unusual for me to be taken off the job for a day or two, or even for a week or two, and assigned to some other work. After the middle of 1900 I had a hand in nearly all the big stories that engaged the Baltimore newspapers. Even in...
Page 171 - We were told that all our remedies had fail'ed. Every one of those remedies had had its true effect and had never lost that, only it was another remedy that was wanted.
Page 172 - It is a most precious gift that is given to all who will accept it, that of knowing how to pass from a remedy when it is not the right one, and so to lay yourself open to find the true one.
Page 171 - For instance, we have put a finger on the root of a nerve supplying the muscles to the part in which the pain was felt and that pain has instantly ceased.
Page 172 - Let us understand the real nature of all things with which we have to deal, and let us work on that understanding. God himself will teach us when we follow in the light he gives us PLEURISY AGAIN.

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