Paris, and excursions from Paris [by C.B. Black].

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Page 157 - Brief, brave, and glorious was his young career, — His mourners were two hosts, his friends and foes ; And fitly may the stranger lingering here Pray for his gallant spirit's bright repose ; For he was Freedom's champion, one of those, The few in number, who had not o'erstept The charter to chastise which she bestows On such as wield her weapons ; he had kept The whiteness of his soul, and thus men o'er him wept.
Page xxxii - Lastly, the GRAMME, which is the weight of a cubic centimetre of distilled water at its...
Page 63 - At No. 4 1 ,in the rue du Faubourg St. Honore, is the splendid hotel of the Baroness Pontalba. Next to this is The BRITISH EMBASSY, No. 39, formerly the Hotel Borghese, the residence of the Princess Pauline, sister of Bonaparte. It was purchased by the British government soon after the peace in 1814, and with its fine garden forms one of the most noble residences of Paris.
Page 51 - I swear to be faithful to the nation, the law, and the king ; and to maintain with all my powers the constitution decreed by the national assembly, and accepted by the king.
Page 41 - The first day of her arrival at Paris was employed in executing her commissions; on the second she purchased a knife at the Palais Royal, to plunge into the bosom of the tyrant. On the third day, she with difficulty obtained an entrance to Marat. She was ushered into a room adjoining the cabinet, where he lay in a covered bath. He eagerly inquired after the proscribed deputies at Caen. Being told their names,—" They shall soon meet with the punishment they deserve,
Page 57 - ... and implements of every conceivable kind used in the arts and sciences. The library contains 20,000 volumes, is 140 feet long and 22 wide. There are also an excellent laboratory and two amphitheatres, one holding 800 and the other 500 persons. Open to the public on Sundays and Thursdays from 10 to 4. On other days of the week, during the same time, on payment of 1 franc. The lectures are all gratuitous. For syllabus, or "programme des conferences,
Page 94 - C'est ici que Jacques Second, Sans ministres et sans maitresse, Le matin allait a la messe, Et Ic soir allait au sermon." But so much ridicule has already been thrown upon this unhappy king, that a Scot may be pardoned — were it only for the sake of variety — for citing here one of his few wise speeches, and that the last.
Page 51 - ... is arranged chronologically rather than topically. " The changes in the social condition of the inhabitants of Suffolk have not been over-looked, and much light has been thrown upon the subject by extracts from diaries and letters which could not be gained by any other means." The county of Suffolk has been the scene of many important events in the history of England. It has been also the home of many great men who are an honor to the nation — statesmen, warriors, authors and others. Dr. Raven...
Page 30 - ... rushed into the room and threw themselves at her feet. The queen-mother repaired to the window to enjoy these dreadful scenes ; and the king, seeing the Protestants who lodged on the other side of the river flying for their lives, called for his long gun and fired upon them. In the space of three or four days many thousands were destroyed in the city of Paris alone. Peter Ramus, professor of philosophy and mathematics, after being robbed of all he had, was cruelly mutilated in the abdomen, and...
Page 6 - When the river rises more than 6 metres above its bed, parts of the town and adjacent country are liable to be inundated. The Seine communicates with the Loire by the canals of Briare and Orleans; with the Saone by the canal de Bourgogne ; and with the Somme and the Scheldt by the canal of St. Quentin. Modern improvements in ship-building now enable sea-going steamers to reach the ports of the Seine at Paris.

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