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AuthorHouse, Apr 1, 2006 - 364 pages
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When Anton Parker settled the Nectar Lake Basin in 1854, establishing the town of Saraville in a remote northeastern section of California, the single focus of his vision had been on turning a profit. What imprinted the man's greatness indelibly in history became his descendants, those hundreds of Parkers who fill the Basin with their conflicting tales of a tumultuous past, elevating Anton Parker onto some fortuitous pedestal, while the revisionists decry their Founder's reinvented legacy. The third novel from California-based author, Karen Kennedy Samoranos, "Parker Mountain Dynasty" prefaces resistance to change in rural northeastern California. Renowned for its isolation, conservatism and tendency to self-govern, Crescent County is the birthplace of the prolific Parker Family, neither frail nor faltering, but instead, vigorous in their incendiary passion, carrying Anton Parker's heyday forward staunchly for nearly one-hundred fifty years. Adin Parker is the former Sheriff of Crescent County, cursed with an inability to leave his ancestral home. Hearst Parker is the unofficial family malcontent, a sheep rancher with an embarrassing secret. Lisa Falmouth despises being a Parker, ridiculing their historical condition, marrying to bury her family affiliation. Jordan Kinney, an adoptee disinherited by her mother, is led to the grim truth of an obscure past. Thomas Jefferson Parker is from the racist sect of the Parkers, and a police officer, strangling on family expectations. Joaquin Parker must accept the path to becoming a man, without regret. Grady O. Parker, a victim of the bizarre Parker naming inclinations, hides in the desert to avoid complication. Lora Henderson holds tight to hershotgun and property. Gale Parker's deliberate dissension from the family ranks; Neville Parker's obsessive-compulsive father; Caleb Redman's well-endowed motive to flee: these are the characters that define Saraville, as the Parker Family tree is bared.

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