Patents for Inventions: Abridgements of Specifications Relating to Agriculture. Division III. Agricultural and Traction Engines. A, Parts 1618-1866

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Page 2 - NEW IMPROVEMENT is upon steam engines which are applied to give motion to wheel carriages for removing persons or goods, or other matters, from place to place, and in which cases the engines themselves must be portable.
Page 2 - No Specification enrolled.'} AD 1769, July 13.— No. 933. MOORE, FJRANCIS. — " Machines or engines,' made partly of " wood and partly of iron, brass, copper, or other metal, and " constructed upon peculiar principles, capable of being " wrought or put in motion by force or power, without being ' ' drawn by horses or any other beasts or cattle...
Page 32 - Gent., for improvements in obtaining motive power, and in steam and other ploughs, in land carriages, in fire-engines, in raising water for draining and other agricultural purposes, and in apparatus for evaporating saccharine and other liquors.
Page 2 - ... or air, without being drawn by horses, or any other beast, or cattle ; and which machines, or engines, upon repeated trials, he has discovered would be very useful in agriculture, carriage of persons and goods, either in coaches, chariots, chaises, carts, wagons, or other conveyances, and likewise in navigation, by causing ships, boats, barges, and other vessels to move, sail, or proceed, with more swiftness or despatch.
Page 1 - New machines or engines made of wood, iron, brass, copper, or other metal, and constructed upon peculiar principles, and capable of being wrought or put in motion by fire, water, or air, with a small assistance of horses or manual labour...
Page 20 - These boards, after being used for support" ing the pendant levers, are raised from the ground by a peculiarly" shaped compound lever, and are carried forwards to the front of " the machine by means of a travelling endless cloth, furnished " with hooks, and passed over rollers, one of which is situated at " the front part and the other at the back part of the machine. " The boards brought forward in this manner are to be lowered in " front of the carriage by means of a compound lever, similar to...
Page 15 - ... of great value, from the security it affords against fire. The tank is connected with the boiler by a steam tube, and a water tube, so that by the former, the pressure of steam in both vessels may be equalized, while the water is allowed to run through the latter into the boiler, t ia the fuel house, and u the engineer's station.
Page 52 - ... rail, wider and larger in diameter than the rim of the travelling wheels, fitted with suitable guides for keeping it in its proper position around the travelling wheels. The second part of the improvement consists in connecting with the portable locomotive engine apparatus suitable for tilling and cultivating land. For this purpose, at the hinder part of the machine, is placed near to the surface of the ground, an adjustable horizontal shaft or axis equipped with a number of tines or cultivators...
Page 128 - New-cross, for improvements in traction and other engines, and in wheels for traction engines and other carriages, and in giving motion to ploughs and other agricultural machines.
Page 8 - Esquire; for certain improvements in the construction of wheel carriages and of ploughs, and other implements used in husbandry, to be moved by steam, heated air, or vapours.

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