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AuthorHouse, 2003 - Fiction - 512 pages
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Born into Turmoil is an autobiographical reflection of Bruno W. Lange, a little German boy growing up under the NAZI regime of Adolf Hitler during W.W.II and as a young adult in the postwar era. His story gives an intimate insight into the life, prevailing customs, and attitudes of a German family trying to survive the horrors of war.

Bruno grew up in Düsseldorf, a city targeted for destruction by the enemy. To escape the merciless bombardments, his family moved to Zichenau, Ciechanow, near Warsaw, Poland. The Hitler Youth movement introduced him to Anti-Semitism through the NAZI propaganda book Der Giftpilz that raised considerable doubt in his mind about Jews being depicted as evil people. He knew two Jews, Katja, an orphaned Jewish girl, his parents harbored, and the Goldfarb family, his neighbors in Düsseldorf. They were his friends and did not resemble the terrible cartoons and stories of the NAZI propaganda book. His Christian upbringing and the morality instilled by his parents ultimately prevailed. When the Russians invaded Poland his family hastily fled to Germany where they lived with his aunt Paula in Harsewinkel. When the war ended his young mind could not comprehend why Germans welcomed the Allies with open arms. Didn't the enemy demolish his country and kill millions of innocent people?

Surviving the postwar era presented the biggest challenge of his life. His family was starving and almost froze to death. As an imaginative teenager he tackled any problem that presented itself. He found solutions, some not so legal, by stealing coal from guarded freight trains destined to France. He earned money on the thriving black market, started small businesses, and traded items for food with farmers. Adventurous at heart, these extracurricular activities were dangerous and exciting. Living on the edge was thrilling and became a way of life. Although he had a few close calls, he and his family survived.

Bruno became obsessed with American movies. He was stage-struck and became enamored with the glamour and lifestyle of the rich and famous in America. While in high school he took ballroom dance lessons that opened a new world for him. For the first time in his young life he was exposed to the glamour of competing in elegant dance tournaments. He met Olga, the beautiful young daughter of Bruno and Melitta von Kayser who owned the dance studio, which he represented in tournaments. Olga became his first girlfriend. A tender, platonic love affair ensued. When his regular competition dance partner, Helga Thieme, moved to Frankfurt, Bruno and Olga were trained to perform Exhibition dances. Their youthful enthusiasm and skillful performances were heralded by the press as masterful. During one of their exhibitions a television producer discovered Olga and offered her the lead role in an upcoming television play. She excelled in this new medium but could not pursue a career in television because her parents sent her to a finishing school in Lausanne, Switzerland, for two years. Missing his girlfriend he was lonely and lost. Bruno decided to see the world and contracted to go to Canada for two years.

Bruno W. Lange's Born into Turmoil spans the periods of prewar Germany, W.W.II, and the postwar era. His heart-warming stories are emotional and laced with humor. They invite the reader to experience the war from the other side through the eyes of boy.

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