Pattern Design - A Book for Students Treating in a Practical Way of the Anatomy, Planning and Evolution of Repeated Ornament

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Wolfenden Press, 2008 - Crafts & Hobbies - 332 pages
PATTERN DESIGN LEWIS F. DAY BOOKS BY LEWIS F. DAY NATURE AND ORNAMENT NATURK THE RAW MATERIAL OF DESIGN SKCOND EDITION RBVISKU BY MARY HOGARTH 7s. Ocl. NKT ENAMELLING A COMPARA TIVE ACCOUNT OK THK DEVELOP MENT AND PRACTICE OF TI IK ART S. txl. NKT ARTIN NEEDLEWORK A BOOK ABOUT EMBROIDERY IN COLLABORATION WITH MARY BUCKLE, FOURTH EDITION KKVISKD BY MARY HOGARTH 7s. Cxi. NKT ALPHABETS OLD NEW SIXTH IMPRESSION 7s. od. NKT MOOT POINTS FRIENDLY DISPUTES UPON ART AND INDUS TRY BETWEEN WALTER CRANE AND LEWIS F. DAY rs. od. NKT NOW OUT OF PRINT WINDOWS A BOOK ABOUT STAINICU AND PAINTED GLASS ORNAMENT AND ITS APPLICA TION LETTERING IN ORNAMENT NATURE AND ORNAMENT, PART II. ORNAMENT, THE PRODUCT OF NATURE Published by B. T. BATSFORD LTD. 15 NORTH AUDLEY STREET LONDON, W. I CARPET, PERSIA, ABOUT l6oo. IN THE BERNHEIMER COLLECTION, MUNICH. - - - ., 3 PATTERN DESIGN - 4 book for Students, treating in a practical way of the anatomy, planning and evolution of repeated ornament By LEWIS F. DAY SECOND EDITION Revised and Enlarged by AMOR FENN Author of Abstract Design NEW YORK g CHARLES SCRIBNERS SONS LONDON B. T. BATSFORD LTD. I 1933 I 5 ZJ Z H Z Wt U 1933 AND fRINTTBD IN GREAT IT OR rHH PXJBI. ZSHKR8 - T. BATSKORD. LTD., - THE GARTEN PRESS, PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION. THE exhaustion of a further edition of Pattern Design and the steady demand for the work are an indication of its continuing practical value as a textbook, but it seemed advisable that it should be thoroughly revised and brought up to date and it was decided to entrust the work to Mr Amor Fenn, who, as a personal friend of Lewis F. Day, was conversant with his work and in sympathy with his aims and methods. Consequently, the book forthe first time since its appearance has received a thorough overhaul the order of the chapters has been rearranged, and that on Borders a subject Mr Fenn has made particularly his own has been transformed and re-illustrated. A number of illustrations have been redrawn or replaced, and others added, including two coloured plates, while the Editor has contributed a chapter summarising the course of the design of pattern during the past eighty years down to the present day, illustrated by the representative work of well-known English and Continental designers. It is the hope and desire of every one connected with the book that it may maintain its position as a standard work, and continue or enhance its usefulness to students and others connected with design and pattern, the importance of which in everyday life is being increasingly realised. It is with deep grief and regret that we have to record that Mr Amor Fenn was suddenly taken from us while this book was passing through the press, and consequently did not survive to see the finished result of his work. THE PUBLISHERS. September 1933- NOTE OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT. I DESIRE to record my indebtedness to the 1 following who have kindly supplied, or per mitted of the reproduction of, material for new illustrations Firma Julius Hoffmann, Stutt gart, Figs. 268 and 269 from Der Modcrne Stil, V., and frontispiece and Figs. 258, 2720 and D from The Art Workers Studio Editions dArt Albert Levy, Paris, for Figs. 271, 2 72 A and B from Georges Valmier, D6cors et Couleurs, Album No. i Charles Moreau, Editions dArt, Paris, Fig. 270 from Tapis ct Tissus the Wallpaper Manufacturers Ltd., Man chester, for Figs. 261, 2648, 266A and B, and 267A and B. Fig.165, drawn by the late Richard Glazier, is from his Historic Textile Fabrics Figs. 23, 178, 183, 211, and 254 are from designs by Mr Harry Napper, and Fig. 268A and B by Mr C. F. A. Voyscy. Figs. 265A and B are from the Publishers Modern Decorative Art in England, by W. G. Paulson Townsend, and Figs. 264A and 26iB from B. J. Talberts Examples of Ancient and Modern Furniture. AMOR FENN. PREFACE TO THE FIRST EDITION. A MAN has a right, I suppose, to pull down the building he once put up, and to raise another in its place...

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