Pattillo's Geographical Catechism

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The University Press, 1909 - Geography - 62 pages

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Page 13 - The Ram, the Bull, the Heavenly Twins, And next the Crab the Lion shines, The Virgin and the Scales. The Scorpion, Archer, and He Goat, The Man that holds the watering-pot, And Fish with glittering scales.
Page 1 - The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.
Page 51 - It is bounded on the north by the Mediterranean Sea; on the east by the Isthmus of Suez, the Red Sea, and the Indian Ocean; on the south by the Southern Ocean, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean.
Page 61 - God's blessing may reside on our principal seat of learning, from which fountain are to flow those streams that must poison or purify our country. Its short progress has been rapid; may its success be glorious!
Page 60 - He then reviews the States, and coming to North Carolina, speaks of the infant university as follows: "A university is established by act of assembly, in Orange County, with liberal appointments by the State, and numerous benefactions. It is yet in its infancy; has about...
Page 53 - ... forces of Britain; without a treasury; without an ally; without a single frigate to oppose the first naval power on earth — a power deemed our mother, among whom we had a million of relations, friends, and correspondents — to oppose the King whom we honored to idolatry ! At this awful period Congress met, under a load of public cares, inconceivable by all but patriots. It seized the helm: it became a center of union aud of motion to the scattered colonists, and made a common cause with Boston.
Page 41 - is about 1,000 miles in length from Chotzim, near the border of Poland, to the southern point of the Morea; and from Oczakow, on the Nieper, to Dalmatia on the Adriatic, nearly as wide. This empire contains the ancient Peleponesus, now Moroa, Achaia, Greece, Macedon, Illyricnm, Bulgaria, Wallachia, Moldavia, and parts of Tartary . The capital of the whole empire is Constantinople.
Page 46 - IHELAND is an island lying between 51 26' and 55 23' N. lat. and 5 20' and 10 26' W. long. It is about 60 mues to the west of England. On three sides it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and on the east by the Irish Sea, and St. George's Channel. Its greatest length is, from north to south, 306 miles, and from east to west from 120 to 180, with an area of about 31,759 square miles, or 20,326,209 acres.
Page 38 - Spain claims as much territory in North America as thrice the United States; extending from the isthmus of Darien to the polar circle; and from the Pacific Ocean on the west to Canada, Mississippi, and the...
Page 1 - to assist those who have neither maps, nor gazetteers, to read newspapers, history, or travels." It contained "as much of the Science of Astronomy, and the Doctrine of the air" as was judged sufficient for the farmer and for the student who either had or did not have an opportunity to pursue these studies further ( Halifax, 1796).

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