Peculiar Liaisons: In War, Espionage, and Terrorism in the Twentieth Century

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Algora Publishing, 2005 - Всего страниц: 250
Presenting famous and infamous individuals and events that shocked the world and helped set the scene for today's history, this book illustrates how little is really known about some of the most dramatic and most-studied events. Who motivated whom, how and why, and what counterplots and alternative scenarios may have been at play? "Terrorism," the fomenting of revolution, undermining from within, and trumped up events to spur a nation to go to war: these techniques are not new. The public's interest in certain personalities never seems to wane -- Mata Hari, Gavrilo Princip, Sidney Reilly, T.E. Lawrence, Jimmy Doolittle, Hitler, Reinhard Heydrich and Lee Harvey Oswald among others. Each chapter presents two or three characters and elaborates on their lives and how they relate to historical events in the 20th century. The book starts with an incident in 1903 in the Balkans and moves chronologically forward to the assassination of JFK.

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1 The Black Hand That Ignited World War I
2 The Ace and Queen of World War I Spies
3 Tactical Deception Lawrence of Arabia The Haversack Trick and Operation Mincemeat
4 Strikes Against the Axis Powers
5 The Dirge of the Black Orchestra
6 The Dark Secrets of Nazi Intelligence
7 The Assassination of JFK
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