Peeps Into the Human Hive, Volume 2

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Chapman and Hall, 1874 - England
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Page 8 - ... peculiarity of needlework, distinguishing women from men. Our own sex is incapable of any such by-play, aside from the main business of life; but women— be they of what earthly rank they may, however gifted with intellect or genius, or endowed with awful beauty— have always some little handiwork ready to fill the tiny gap of every vacant moment.
Page 298 - It is just the book for the lady of the house to have at hand when making up the County dinner, as it gives exactly that information which punctilious and particular people are so desirous of obtaining — the exact standing of every person in the county. To the business man, ' The County Families ' stands in the place of directory and biographical dictionary.
Page 11 - that there hath been no certain or constant intercourse between the kingdoms of England and Scotland;" and commands "Thomas Witherings, Esq., his Majesty's postmaster of England for foreign parts, to settle a running post or two, to run night and day between Edinburgh and Scotland and the City of London, to go thither and come back in six days.
Page 129 - Here I come creeping, smiling everywhere; All round the open door, Where sit the aged poor; Here where the children play, In the bright and merry May, I come creeping, creeping everywhere.
Page 36 - From the calculation made below you will see by that means you will be able to earn 2?. per week. The best plan is to frequent the most crowded thoroughfares, and make good use of your lungs ; thus letting people know what you have for sale. You could also call in at each public-house on your way, and solicit the patronage of the customers, many of whom would be certain to buy of you. Should you have too much pride to transact the business yourself (though no one need be ashamed of pursuing an honest...
Page 15 - The mails are generally intrusted to some idle boy, without character, mounted on a wornout hack, and who, so far from being able to defend himself or escape from a robber, is much more likely to be in league with him.
Page 225 - After examining many articles of jewelry, she left the shop without purchasing anything. Soon after her arrival home the master of the shop called at the house, and requested an interview with the husband of the lady. This was at once complied with. He then informed him that his wife had been to his shop, and had, as he suspected, abstracted a valuable diamond bracelet. The matter was immediately investigated, and the suspicion of the tradesman proved to be correct. The bracelet was found and returned...
Page 222 - Cases of this description are sometimes very remarkable. I have been informed on good authority, that there was, some time since, a family, not far from this city, consisting of three boys who were all considered as idiots. One of them received a severe injury of the head: from that time his faculties began to brighten, and he is now a man of good talents, and practises as a barrister. His brothers are still idiotic or imbecile.
Page 209 - ... both at the top and bottom. 2. On the first alarm reflect before you act. If in bed at the time wrap yourself in a blanket, or bedside carpet ; open no more doors or windows than are absolutely necessary, and shut every door after you.
Page 228 - ... had such a sensation of heat in his system that he could not bear a single blanket, but remained seated all night on the frozen pavement of his cell, and scarcely was the door open in the morning, when he ran out in his shirt, and applied quantities of snow to his chest, and allowed it to melt with a delight like that experienced by persons when breathing cool air in the dog-days.

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