Pelvic and Hernial Therapeutics: Principles and Methods for Remedying Chronic Affections of the Lower Part of the Trunk, Including Processes for Self-cure

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John B. Alden, 1885 - Electronic books - 282 pages

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Page 117 - We must appreciate the fact that in few other parts of the body have we such a network of vessels within the same extent of space. In consequence of the erectile character of the uterine tissues, these vessels in time become varicose or overdistended from continued obstruction to the circulation, and have an almost incredible venous capacity. As a stream will saturate the ground and lose itself in a marsh, so will the circulation through the pelvic cellular tissue, and, in diseased conditions, become...
Page 117 - ... become in disease equally sluggish In this over-distended condition of the veins the balance is lost, and they are no longer able to return to the general circulation, the same quantity of blood received by them from the arterial capillaries.
Page 197 - But more important than any other in this class of cases, is the effect of this process in producing an improved distribution of the circulation. " The increase of the amount of blood in the limbs is immediately connected with its decrease in all parts from which the fluid may be supplied, notably, the pelvis, -which is nearest, and whose supply is most abundant and easily parted with.
Page 249 - ... contents from the down crowded womb, and allow it to rise to its natural position in the pelvic cavity. So successfully was this done, that, at the end of the first month of treatment she passed a comparatively comfortable period, no other means of any kind were employed. At the end of the third month of treatment she was so much improved that treatment was discontinued. The womb occupied its natural position in the pelvis ; the superincumbent pressure was all removed; the womb could be easily...
Page 146 - A by a ratcheted joint and pivot, and is attached to a sliding post to accommodate the height of the person. The patient, in position, has only to communicate a slight impulse through the lever to the weight, and the pendulum commences to swing reacting on the anterior portion of the trunk and all the muscles connected therewith. It continues to swing with a beat or rhythm corresponding...
Page 260 - All the symptoms were thosa of violent chorea, the only difference being that the jactitations were not more marked on one side of the body than the other, the whole of the muscles appearing equally involved.
Page 59 - Specialization regards the organic system as being practically a reservoir of energy capable of being directed or urged in any special direction, in such a way that the function, organs and tissues composing the favored region are permanently benefited thereby.
Page 11 - ... no less positive manifestations, but whose processes and products are so blended as regards time, that the distinction has less practical therapeutic value. The failure to recognize the distinction above pointed out as to antecedent and resultant parts or factors of diseases, opens the way for the perversion of therapeutics from its greater to its lesser uses. Remedies addressed to the resultant, or consequent object, are necessarily only palliative, and in general can have no effect on the contributive...
Page 11 - Pathology therefore exists less in the formed product than in its forming. The impressions of consciousness may or may not exist, according to the nature and location of the imperfect process, and are always to be classed with the objective phenomena, or formed products, so far as relates to therapeutics. It is therefore a profound mistake to merge together as an...
Page 145 - By this apparatus the weight and momentum of a swinging pendulum is transmitted through the arms to the chest to increase the natural rhythm. The back of the patient, in standing position, is applied to the...

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