Performance Appraisal for Sport and Recreation Managers

Human Kinetics, 2001 - 181 pagina's

Performance Appraisal for Sport and Recreation Managers is the first book specifically designed to help sport management personnel use Management by Objective principles to conduct performance appraisals and set goals. Author Joanne MacLean explains procedures for developing job assessments, descriptions, and evaluation criteria.

The book includes
-case studies that put the reader in the manager's shoes,

-23 sample job descriptions,

-11 sample appraisal forms and checklists,

-step-by-step instructions for implementing a performance appraisal process,

-explanation of the Management by Objectives goal-setting process, and

-comprehensive examples of performance appraisal issues for sport managers in all settings.
Performance Appraisal for Sport and Recreation Managers provides step-by-step instructions for analyzing a wide range of jobs in sport and recreation, giving management personnel a firm foundation to create solid job descriptions and performance appraisals.

By working through the case studies, sample forms, and checklists, managers can practice dealing with potential performance appraisal problems before they arise. Performance Appraisal for Sport and Recreation Managers also allows managers to work with staff to create specific goals that lead to continuous improvement in performance.

Now, management personnel in the sport and recreation industry have access to the popular Management by Objectives system for performance appraisal.


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Chapter Five Performance Appraisal in Sport
National Team Coach
Travel Manager
Assistant Athletic Director A 10 Recreation Director
Assistant Recreation Director
Athletics Business Manager
Recruiting Coach
Paid College Assistant Coach
Recreational Sport Program Supervisor
Aquatic Coordinator A 20 Equipment Manager
Sport Camp Instructor A 22 Academic Counselor
High School Athletic Director
Appendix B Sample Performance Appraisal Forms and Checklists
Solutions to the Case Studies
A Performance Appraisal Interview

Volunteer Coach A 16 Strength and Conditioning Coach
Athletic Trainer

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Over de auteur (2001)

Joanne MacLean, PhD, has been on the faculty at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada, since 1985. Currently, she is an associate professor in sport management on the faculty of human kinetics.

Dr. MacLean completed graduate studies in both Canada and the United States at the University of New Brunswick and The Ohio State University. She has managed collegiate sport programs and actively studied personnel management. Dr. MacLean also has extensive experience coaching basketball at both the high school and collegiate levels, including coaching the Canadian junior national team. She has numerous awards and honors recognizing her basketball playing and coaching career. These honors include two Athlete of the Year awards and five Coach of the Year awards at the high school and university levels.

Dr. MacLean chairs the Canadian Women's National Basketball Program Operations Committee and is a member of the Canadian Basketball Program's Elite Performance Committee for Canada Basketball. She is an executive member of Ontario University Athletics and chairs the department of athletics & recreational services at the University of Windsor.

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