Personality: With Special Reference to Superpersonalities and the Interpersonal Character of Ideas

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Open Court Publishing Company, 1911 - Personality - 68 pages
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Page 65 - My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts
Page 4 - Sie gestehn zu jeder Zeit, Hochstes Gliick der Erdenkinder Sei nur die Personlichkeit.
Page 20 - ... to feel, to think and to say, was outside our true self; that we were witnesses, not actors ; and that before we can go home, we must take off our masks, standing like strangers on a strange stage, and wondering how for so long a time we did not perceive even within ourselves the simple distinction between persona and persona, between the mask and the wearer.
Page 3 - Ich weiss, dass mir nichts angehort Als der Gedanke, der ungestort Aus meiner Seel' will fliessen. Und jeder giinstige Augenblick, Den mich ein liebendes Geschick Von Grund aus lasst geniessen." [I know that naught belongs to me Except the thought that light and free Out of my soul is flowing; Also of joy each moment rare Which my good fortune kind and fair Upon me is bestowing!] we ought to regard our highest duty the task of keeping inviolate its integrity, dignity, and honor.
Page 20 - Nor can we doubt that we are responsible each for his own dramatis persona, that we are hissed or applauded, punished or rewarded, according as we act the part allotted to us in this earthly drama, badly or well. But the time comes when we awake, when we feel that not only our flesh and our blood, but all that we have been made to feel, to think and to say, was outside our true self; that we were witnesses, not actors...
Page 35 - Such is the result of oneness. " Were Heaven not pure it might be rent. Were earth not stable it might be bent. Were minds not ensouled they'd be impotent. Were valleys not filled they'd soon be spent. When creatures are lifeless who can their death prevent? Are kings not models, but on highness bent, Their fall, forsooth, is imminent.
Page 14 - Fundus Septicianus, coloniae Augustae Concordiae.' Haec inscriptio videtur ad personam coloniae ipsius pertinere neque ullo modo abalienan potest a republica." The passage in Agenius (8, 6; loc. cit., I, p. 16) reads: "Quaedam loca feruntur ad publicam personam attinere, nam personae publicae etiam coloniae appellantur. Quae habent assignata in alienis finibus quaedam loca, quae solemus praefecturas appellare. Harum praefecturarum proprietates manifeste ad colonos pertinent — sunt et aliae proprietates...
Page 14 - Animadvertendum autem, quod praetor hoc edicto generaliter et in rem loquitur пес adicit a quo gestum: et ideo sive singularis sit persona, quae metum intulit, vel populus vel curia vel collegium vel corpus, huic edicto locus erit.
Page 19 - From most philosophers we get but uncertain and evasive answers to these questions, and perhaps even here, in the darkest passages of psychological and metaphysical inquiry, a true knowledge of language may prove our best guide. Let us remember that persona had two meanings, that it meant originally a' mask, but that it soon came to be used as the name of the wearer of the mask. Knowing how many ambiguities of thought arose from this, we have a right to ask, Does our personality consist in the persona...
Page 26 - Roots, wood, bark and leaves singly perfect may be; but clapped hodge-podge together, they don't make a tree...

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