Pesticides: Adulterated Imported Foods Are Reaching U. S. Grocery Shelves

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Provides information on the progress of the FDA1s pesticide monitoring program in preventing imported foods adulterated with illegal pesticide residues from reaching US grocery shelves. Makes recommendations aimed at deterring importers from distributing such foods. Graphs and tables

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Page 20 - Letter from Michael T. Schmilz, Chief Counsel, US Customs Service, to the Chairman, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, House Committee on Energy and Commerce, July 5,1989. Matters for Congressional Consideration
Page 4 - of a grower's strawberries cross the border in a week, FDA might sample 1 truck!oad and release the other 11. If the sampled shipment is found to be adulterated, FDA will order it exported or destroyed but will seldom try to stop the remaining 11
Page 9 - and Pesticides: Better Sampling and Enforcement Needed on Imported Food (GAO-RCED-86-219, Sept 26,1986).
Page 10 - heads, reviewed and commented on the factual material in the report and generally agreed with the facts as presented. The
Page 23 - FDA Could Enhance Detection of Pesticide-Adulterated Shipment» Because of the seasonal nature of agriculture, shipments of a given product from a given source are usually concentrated during the harvest season. Since most products and countries have a limited growing season, distribution follows a bell-shaped curve.
Page 12 - cases, importers claimed to have exported or destroyed the shipment but could not provide the required Customs verification of disposal. Table 2.1: Distribution of Adulterated Shipments by FDA District, Fiscal Years 1988-90 Location Dallas Miami Philadelphia San Francisco Total Number of adulterated shipments 372
Page 16 - and Damages Paid, Fiscal Years 1988-90 District Dallas Miami Philadelphia San Francisco Total Adulterated shipments distributed 104 177 19 36 336 Number of bond actions 62 24 2 2 90 Actions canceled 9 9 0 0 18 Actions pending 6 10 0 0 16 Cases in which damages were paid 47 5 2 2 56* Existing Authority Is Not Strong Enough
Page 17 - FDA's Regulatory Procedures Manual, distribution of a product before FDA has had an opportunity to sample it might be considered a refusal to permit inspection, a violation of section 301(f). Distribution before sampling generally has not been a problem, however.
Page 16 - 3,153 pounds of squash, and 265 pounds of peppers. We believe the policy of not collecting damages for these low-value shipments means that Customs has, in effect, removed any deterrent to distributing these adulterated shipments. Table 2.3: Bond
Page 23 - FDA'S 363 field staff responsible for monitoring imports make decisions to sample or release over a million shipments a year. With these resources, FDA can test less than 1 percent of incoming food shipments for pesticide residues.

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