Pharmaceutical Journal and Transactions, Nide 12



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Sivu 257 - A TOXICOLOGICAL CHART, exhibiting at one view the Symptoms, Treatment, and Mode of Detecting the various Poisons, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal. To which are added, concise Directions for the Treatment of Suspended Animation.
Sivu 3 - ... the penalty or penalties aforesaid, as also in expenses ; and i,t shall be lawful for the Sheriff, in pronouncing such judgment for the penalty or penalties and costs, to insert in such judgment a warrant, in the event of such penalty or penalties and costs not being paid, to levy and recover the amount of the same by poinding...
Sivu 72 - ... in the process just described. The seeds yield about eight per cent, of tallow, which sells for about five cents per pound.
Sivu 408 - TREATISE ON FOOD AND DIET: With Observations on the Dietetical Regimen suited for Disordered States of the Digestive Organs ; and an Account of the Dietaries of some of the principal Metropolitan and other Establishments for Paupers, Lunatics, Criminals, Children, the Sick, &c. By JON. PEREIRA, MDFRS & LS Author of
Sivu 71 - On being filled with the hot liquid, the ends of the straw beneath are drawn up and spread over the top, and when of sufficient consistence, are placed with their rings in the press. This apparatus, which is of the rudest description...
Sivu 483 - PBESIDENT delivered his inaugural address, of which the following is a brief abstract. He commenced by thanking the Members for the honour they had conferred upon him in electing him as their first President, and stated his determination to promote to the utmost of his power and ability the objects of the Phytological Club, and the Pharmaceutical Society with which it was in connexion. He then proceeded to speak of the utility of Botany to the Pharmaceutical Chemist, and the advantages to bo derived...
Sivu 73 - Much attention is paid to the cultivation of this tree : extensive districts of country are covered with it, and it forms an important branch of agricultural industry. In planting they are arranged, like the mulberry, in rows about twelve feet apart : both seeds and cuttings are employed.
Sivu 400 - ... manufactured by him, or that it had passed through some process under his hands, which would give him personal knowledge of its true name and quality. Whether Foord was justified in selling the article upon the faith of the defendant's label would have been an open question in an action by the plaintiffs against him, and I wish to be understood as giving no opinion on that point. But it seems to me to be clear that the defendant cannot, in this case, set up as a defense that Foord sold the contents...
Sivu 505 - Spirits or strong waters, not being sweetened or mixed with any article so that the degree of strength thereof cannot be ascertained by Sykes...
Sivu 2 - ... address shall be furnished to him appears in the said register, or is a Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain or not ; and the certificate of such registrar, signed by the said registrar, and countersigned by the President or two Members of the Council of the said Society, shall, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, be sufficient evidence of the facts therein stated up to the date of the said certificate.

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