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Page 49 - Syringes, whose canals have become obstructed so that a fine wire cannot be drawn through, are cleaned by holding them for a moment over a flame; the foreign substance is thus quickly destroyed and driven off. If a wire has been rusted into the needle, it should be dipped in oil before holding over the flame. To remove the rust from the interior of the canula, it is well to pass oil through the canula, then heating it; then rinse it out with alcohol.
Page 36 - A teaspoonful in a little water should be taken every time the liquor thirst is felt. It satisfies the craving, and produces a feeling of stimulation and strength.
Page 59 - Well," said the doctor, alter looking at her tongue, feeling her pulse, and asking her sundry questions, " I should like to advise you — ahem ! — to get married." "Are you single, doctor ?" inquired the fair patient, with a significant yet modest smile. " I am, my dear lady ; but it is not etiquette, you know, for physicians to take their own prescriptions.
Page 38 - It is gratifying to learn that such excellent work is being done by our State Board and that it is proposed to continue it Dr. Tucker states that the work done during the past two years has had a decided effect in improving the quality of the drugs sold throughout the State, and expresses the opinion that if manufacturers, dealers and others interested will co-operate with the Board in the efforts it is making to raise the standard of the drugs and medicinal preparations now upon the market, the...
Page 36 - BISMUTH OINTMENT FOR FRECKLES. Subnitrate of bismuth 2 drams. .Simple ointment 2 ounces. Apply to the skin at night and remove in the morning with a little cold cream previous to washirg.
Page 47 - Mix the flour, alum and borax and stir to a smooth paste with water ; then add the acid and heat until the starch cells break, stirring constantly. This makes a very thick paste, which must be thinned with water as wanted for use. A small quantity of essence of wintergreen poured over the paste in stock will preserve it indefinitely.
Page 34 - A Valuable Remedy. Gentleman (to village cobbler) — What's that yellow powder you are taking so constantly, my friend ? Cobbler — It's snuff — catarrh snuff. Gentleman — Is it any good? I'm somewhat troubled that way myself. Cobbler (with the air of a man who could say more if he chose) — Well, I've had catarrh for more'n thirty years, an' I've never took nothin
Page 22 - This drug seems to me to be exceptionally worthy of investigation as to its power to destroy bacteria in the human system. From what is already known concerning it, it would appear to be perfectly harmless as applied to the higher orders of life, both animal and vegetable, but to increase in toxic power as applied to organisms successively lower in development.
Page 38 - Concentrated Nitrous Ether." The former of these was dispensed unlabeled, and the second was labeled " USP Stronger Ether " by the seller. In commenting on the results of the ether examination, Dr. Tucker well says: " Such errors as these are the grossest of blunders, and the consequence of such ignorant or careless sales might be most serious to the purchaser.
Page 59 - What are you going to call them ? " " Thunder and Lightning." " Why, those are strange names to call children." "Well, that's what pa called them as soon as he heard they were in the house.

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