Philip Massinger, Volume 2

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Page 18 - Or, when we show a judge that is corrupt, And will give up his sentence, as he favours The person, not the cause ; saving the guilty, If of his faction, and as oft condemning The innocent, out of particular spleen; If any in this reverend assembly, Nay, even yourself, my lord, that are the image Of absent Caesar...
Page 310 - I'll set that day, Which gave thee to me. Little did I hope To meet such worlds of comfort in thyself, This little, pretty body, when I coming Forth of the temple, heard my beggar-boy, My sweet-faced, godly beggar-boy, crave an alms, Which with glad hand I gave, with lucky hand...
Page 311 - Handfuls of gold but to behold thy parents. I would leave kingdoms, were I queen of some, To dwell with thy good father ; for, the son Bewitching me so deeply with his presence, He that begot him must do't ten times more.
Page 361 - tis that I lose it To win a better: even thy malice serves To me but as a ladder to mount up To such a height of happiness, where I shall Look down with scorn on thee, and on the world; Where, circled with true pleasures, placed above The reach of death or time, 'twill be my glory To think at what an easy price I bought it.
Page 109 - Yet old in judgment; theoric and practic In all humanity,* and, to increase the wonder, Religious, yet a soldier ; that he should Yield his free-living youth a captive for The freedom of his aged father's corpse, And rather choose to want life's necessaries, Liberty, hope of fortune, than it should In death be kept from Christian ceremony.
Page 111 - And though this country, like a viperous mother, Not only hath eat up ungratefully All means of thee, her son, but last thyself...
Page 104 - ... that day no part of his life, In which he did not service to his country ; Was he to be free, therefore, from the laws And ceremonious form in your decrees ! Or else, because he did as much as man, In those three memorable overthrows At Granson, Morat, Nancy, where his master, The warlike Charalois, (with whose misfortunes I bear his name,) lost treasure, men, and life...
Page 310 - Was ravished with a more celestial sound. Were every servant in the world like thee, So full of goodness, angels would come down To dwell with us: thy name is Angelo, And like that name thou art. Get thee to rest; Thy youth with too much watching is oppressed.
Page 113 - And I have done. Captain, wear thou these spurs, That yet ne'er made his horse run from a foe. Lieutenant, thou this scarf, and may it tie Thy valour and thy honesty together, For so it did in him. Ensign, this cuirass, Your general's necklace once. You gentle bearers, Divide this purse of gold...
Page 343 - I've a mind to both. And one thing I like in you ; now that you see The bonfire of your lady's state burnt out, You give it over, do you not ? Hir. Let her be hang'd ! Spun. And pox'd ! Harp.

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