Philosophy and Political Economy in Some of Their Historical Relations

Ön Kapak
Routledge, 2000 - 424 sayfa
The books reprinted in this set greatly influenced the way the development of economics was perceived and how the history of economics was viewed. Many of the titles represent the first attempts to chart the history of economics both from European and American perspectives. Titles cover the USA, UK, Germany and France, and include: * History of Political Economy from Antiquity to our days [1880]-"Jerome Adolphe Blanqui" * View of the Progress of Political Economy in Europe [1847]--"Travers Twiss" * A Short History of Political Economy in England [1891]-"L.L. Price" * The History of Economics [1896/1911]-"Henry Dunning MacLeod" * History of Economic Thought [1911/1930]-"Lewis H. Haney" * History of Economic Doctrines [1915]-"Charles Gide"and "Charles Rist" * Types of Economic Theory [1930]-"Othmar Spann" * Philosophy and Political Economy in Some of their Historical Relations [1893]-"James Bonar" * The Development of English Thought: a Study in the Economic Interpretation of History [1899]-"Simon N. Patten" * A Guide to the Study of Political Economy [1876]-"Luigi Cossa"

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