Photometry; experiments in light and sound

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Macmillan, 1908 - Physics
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Page 84 - Elements of Physics By ERNEST J. ANDREWS, Instructor in Science in the Robert A. Waller High School, Chicago, and HN HOWLAND, Instructor in Physics in the South Division High School, Chicago.
Page 46 - If the incident rays are parallel to the axis they will be refracted in such a matmer that they all cross the axis in a single point upon the other side of the lens. This point is called the principal focus of the lens, and its distance from the lens is called the focal distance or length of the lens. When the lens has the same medium, eg, air, on each side of it, the two principal foci, one on each side of the lens, are situated at equal distances from it. For thin glass lenses of low power the...
Page 84 - When delivered from the publishers, carriage, either postage or expressage, is an extra charge. THE MACMILLAN COMPANY, New York: 66 Fifth Avenue BOSTON CHICAGO SAN FRANCISCO Geometric Exercises in Paper^ Fold ing By T.
Page 82 - I2mo $1.90 net The material contained in these chapters has taken on its present form gradually, by a process of recasting and sifting. The ideas guiding that process have been three: first, to select the subject.matter with close reference to the needs of college students; second, to bring the instruction into adjustment with the actual stage of their training; and, third, to aim continually at treating mechanics as a system of organized thought, having a clearly recognizable culture value.
Page 53 - The magnifying power, as in the previous method, is the ratio of the apparent size of an object as seen with the microscope to its apparent size as seen with the naked eye at a distance of D centimeters. Instead of measuring magnifying power by the "open-eye" method, the glass slip is mounted obliquely before the eye piece (Fig.
Page 83 - Mechanics,' especially designed for students of engineering Cloth 8vo $5.00 net " I can state without hesitation or qualification that the work is one that is unexcelled, and in every way surpasses as a text-book for class use all other works on this subject; and, moreover, I find the students all giving it the highest praise for the clear and interesting manner in which the subject is treated.
Page 35 - It is given by the equation n = sin i/sin r, where i is the angle of incidence and r is the angle of refraction.
Page 60 - ... that of a constant spectrum. If the chlorides be employed, the spectra are at first much brighter. In many cases the flame-spectra are really those of compounds, the spectra of the metals themselves obtained by the electric spark being frequently entirely different, and consisting of much finer lines. The...
Page 84 - T prices are sold by booksellers everywhere at the advertised NE T prices. When delivered from the publishers, carriage, either postage or expressage, is an extra charge. THE MACMILLAN COMPANY...

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