Physianthropy; Or, The Home Cure and Eradication of Disease

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Mrs. C.L.H. Wallace, 1885 - Alternative medicine - 120 pages

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Page 107 - If it be a man, were it not better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the depths of the sea...
Page 6 - That the red corpuscles are, in some way or other, derived from the colorless corpuscles may be regarded as certain ; but the steps of the process have not been made out with perfect certainty. There is very great reason, however, for believing that the red corpuscle is simply the nucleus of the colorless corpuscle somewhat enlarged ; flattened from side to side; changed, by development within its interior of a red coloring matter; and set free by the bursting of the sac or wall of the colorless...
Page 118 - The nervous or mental temperament may " be known by the sharp, quick, intelligent " eye, well-formed brain, and V-shaped pale " face, with small bones and neatly-formed " body. This is the most active, finely strung, " and delicate of all the temperaments.
Page 7 - ... Ostrich, Triton, Stickleback, etc. (Figs. 37, 38, 40). In some kinds of the Vertebrata, as in Man, the red corpuscles of the blood are so minute that it would take more than 10,000,000 of them to cover a square inch of surface ; parts of the solid substance of the body which have been detached and...
Page 4 - The science of medicine is founded on conjecture, and improved by murder.
Page 7 - ... parts of the solid substance of the body which have been detached and carried into the blood, and that this process is chiefly effected in what are called the ductless glands (Lesson V. 27), from whence the detached cells pass, as lymphcorpuscles, directly or indirectly, into the blood.
Page 63 - ... of the blood, or death force, which was locked up in the brain, or upper parts of the body, has to descend outwards, and downwards (according to nature's law of cure), thus cooling the head, and, by balancing the circulation, warming the feet at the same time.
Page 16 - ... of the whisky or gin drinker, all of which depravities they blasphemously ascribe to the pure and holy wants of Nature, when each and every one of these things are simply the results of a depraved, degraded, and artificially vitiated set of senses, whose powers are so perverted that they control the human Will to demand poisonous stuffings and sensuous irritants, instead of rebelling against them, and demanding pure and simple nutriments.
Page 5 - ... ie, it is an absence of life, or health, — and you are as much the wiser, as if you had been told that darkness was an absence of light, or cleanliness an absence of dirt. Such lipknowledge as this does not assist them to become true healers of the diseased.
Page 23 - Remember that diseases are in yon, and that their expression means their elimination, therefore, give Mother Nature a kindly welcome when she throws out the fruits of your disobedience to her laws, instead of systematically packing them up for the future destruction and decay of your cherished body, by organic disease. If, for one moment, we cast a glance around, and survey the effects of universal disease, it is...

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