Physiology and Hygiene

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Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1922 - Hygiene - 355 pages

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Page 290 - Fastened to the inner surface of this drumhead is the first of a chain of three tiny bones, called the hammer, the anvil, and the stirrup...
Page 99 - Oxygen-deficient blood from the body enters the right side of the heart and is pumped to the lungs, where the waste products are removed and oxygen is received. This oxygen-rich blood is returned to the left side of the heart. Because of the workload that the heart must perform, it...
Page 93 - This function is entirely dependent upon the presence of hemoglobin, which has the power of combining easily with oxygen gas. The physiology of the red corpuscles, therefore, is largely contained in a description of the properties of hemoglobin.
Page 100 - The wall of the left ventricle is much thicker than that of the right. The specific gravity of heart muscle is 1 '069.
Page 274 - Not only was she unable to talk, but she did not even know what speech meant. She did not know that things have names, and had not learned the name of a single object about her. She had no way of asking for what she wanted, or of making her needs known. She knew nothing whatever of the blue of the sky, the gold of the sunset, or the color of birds and flowers. She had never heard the sound of a voice, the song of a bird, nor the tones of music.
Page 29 - ABOUT WHAT A BOY SHOULD GAIN EACH MONTH AGE : 5 to 8 . . . . . . . . 6 oz. 8 to 12 8 oz. 12 to 14 12 oz.
Page 28 - Height and Weight Table for Boys Prepared by Dr. Thomas D. Wood.
Page 346 - ... boots or shoes. You may also jump over your middle fingers placed together, without touching or separating them with your feet. KNUCKLE DOWN. PLACE the toes against a line chalked on the floor, kneel down and get up again without using the hands, your feet having the same position as at first. CHAIRING THE LEG. HATING put your left foot on the lowest back rail of a strong chair, firmly placed so as not to be liable to slip, carefully try to pass your right leg over the back of the chair, and...
Page 158 - On the other hand, the sight, smell, and taste of palatable food stimulate the nerves and cause a flow of saliva in the mouth and of gastric juice in the stomach.
Page 135 - The hair follicles are distributed across the entire skin surface with the exception of the soles of the feet, the palms of the hand, and the lips.

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