Physiology in Sleep

John Orem
Elsevier, 2 dic 2012 - 362 páginas
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Physiology in Sleep provides the physiological definition of sleep and presents the philosophical approach to sleep that departs from pharmacological and neurophysiological theories of sleep. This book discusses the effects of sleep on cardiovascular and respiratory function, cerebral metabolism and blood flow, as well as temperature regulation. Comprised of eight chapters, this text starts with an overview of the cardiovascular changes that occur during sleep and its direct relevance to human physiology and disease. This book then explores the variety of sleep stages, characteristics, and possible functions. Other chapters consider the evidence of nychtohemeral rhythmicity in man’s hormones that subserve growth, maturation, nurture, reproduction, mineral metabolism, energy regulation, adaptation, and survival. This book further discusses the gastric, esophageal, and intestinal functioning during sleep. The final chapter explores the sleep apnea syndromes and some examples of the sudden infant death syndrome. This book is intended for readers seeking a detailed account of physiology in sleep.

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Chapter 1 Cardiovascular Regulation during Sleep
Chapter 2 Sleep and the Cerebral Circulation
A Study in Homeostasis
Chapter 4 Endocrine Rhythms across SleepWake Cycles in Normal Young Men under Basal State Conditions
Chapter 5 Hormonal Regulation of Renal Function during Sleep
6 Alimentary Function during Sleep
Chapter 7 Breathing in Sleep
Chapter 8 Control of the Upper Airways during Sleep and the hypersomniasleep apnea syndrome
A Compendium of Physiology in Sleep

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