Pictorial Hooked Rugs

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Stackpole Books, 2009 - ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES - 145 pages
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A complete how-to guide to pictorial hooked rugs and it explains the historical backgrounds of different hooked rug styles Describes how to design, color plan, and display rugs Includes step-by-step techniques for hooking multiple pictorial elements

One of the most challenging of all rug styles is the pictorial rug or wall hanging. This full-color book guides readers step-by-step through the process of creating pictorial rugs. This book is the definitive instruction manual on how to create the elements of a pictorial rug. Each section contains a description of techniques, materials, dye formulas, and hooked illustrations of the elements described. It contains tips and tricks for the rug hooker to take the guesswork out of planning a personalized rug.


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CHAPTER 1 Artistic Nuts and Bolts 1
CHAPTER 2 Color and Materials 16
CHAPTER 3 Buildings 24
CHAPTER 4 Flower and Vegetable Gardens 40
CHAPTER 5 Mountains and Hills 49
CHAPTER 6 Roads Streets and Sidewalks 53
CHAPTER 7 Rocks 56
CHAPTER 8 Skies 60
CHAPTER 11 Water Water Everywhere 91
CHAPTER 12 Old Mill on the Eastern Shore 104
CHAPTER 13 Finishing Thoughts 107
CHAPTER 14 A Pictorial Rug Gallery 110
Dye Formulas Listed by Chapter 131
Resources 132
General Rug Hooking Instructions 133
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CHAPTER 9 The Supporting Cast 71
CHAPTER 10 Trees Shrubs and Grass 78

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I am Jane Halliwell Green and I have been able to hear spirit voices since I was a little girl. When I was 13 I asked my grandmother, who had immigrated to the United States, and was a devout Roman Catholic, to teach me how to read the cards. She agreed to teach me. She told the family that I had the gift of "sight," like her. She spent many hours with me as I practiced her card reading techniques. Her method used a regular pack of cards. She recited an unusual meditation to select the cards and this was taught to me. The cards were divided into seven piles and each one had a special meaning. The suits and numbers were important as well as the order in which they came up in the reading. I became quite popular with my friends once they learned I could tell their fortunes! One day while doing a reading I heard a deep male voice with an accent speak to me. I thought there was something wrong with me. I visited my grandmother and asked her what this was all about. Her response was that I was simply hearing my angels. After that moment, most of my readings were channeled. Channeling is the act of serving as a medium through which a spirit guide communicates with a living person. This means that instead of interpreting the face value of the cards, I relayed the information I was hearing from my spirit guide instead. In order to channel, one must hear spirit. This is referred to as clairaudience, which means "clear hearing," and is a spiritual gift I have had since childhood. As I matured, I also found myself able to see clairvoyantly and feel, energetically, the presence of spirit. The morning I was awakened so abruptly by Saint Germain was the culmination of many years of spiritual study and working with spirit guides. These guides have always been my greatest teachers. On that morning in July, 2013 I sat quietly and placed myself in a deep state of relaxation to learn which spirit was trying to get my attention. I asked for the spirit to speak to me again. In my meditative state I was taken to a place on a high cliff overlooking the ocean. I could see myself walking up the steep steps to a cathedral with no roof. Standing at the entrance was a gentleman dressed in beautiful robes. He greeted me and told me he was the Ascended Master Saint Germain. He said we would work together, and that would include writing this workbook.

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