Pictures for the Mind's Eye: Including Subjects Both Humorous and Grave

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William P. Nimmo, 1861 - 133 pages

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Page 10 - time, tone, accent, rendering to Each letter, syllable, its due ; With classic caution, naught omitting, A task so difficult befitting. Let gesture natural, eye, and hand, Combine attention to command, And help, as with harmonic force, The words melodious in their course. Don't mumble, sputter, lisp, or drawl, Nor speak too low, nor rudely bawl,
Page 52 - And what care I while this remains, I '11 drink and blitheful be, And hail with joy, whoe'er complains, A friendly cup of tea. Thou fragrant fount of social bliss, I Ve felt and own thy power; In thee a mystic influence is To cheer the passing hour. Wine is a mocker, and,
Page 96 - Many have found a cold and watery grave, Whose fate so sad dear friends with tears deplore. The sun once more displays his orient beam, But what, alas ! doth morning fair reveal ? Death, ruin, wretchedness, around are seen, So great the change, 'tis hard to think it real. Where are the friends that blessed the social board
Page 121 - and roaring dismal, wave o'er wave, Mingled with shrieks, and cries of, " Save, oh save !" But now so dark, so thick the mists around, Nought could be seen—they heard alone the sound. Now roll the thunders, now a rocket gleams, Again the gun roars, mingled with horrid screams; The vivid lightnings flash through heaven afar, And all
Page 43 - Unmoved, unblessed by his transporting lay. Where are they now ? By Time's sharp sythe o'erthrown, Their ashes scattered, and their names unknown. Their fancied greatness all dissolved away Like hovering mists, chased by the opening day ; While he they spurned outlives their narrow ire, His country's glory, and the world's desire. Say, gentle Muse, oh say, wherein doth
Page 62 - Than thus soul-treacherous prove ; Deceive, and then disdain me; Win, then betray my love. How oft, in gentle measure, And melting melody, I Ve heard, with sweetest pleasure, His song roll far and free ; And joined myself, delighted, To swell the thrilling theme, While warbling birds united,
Page 21 - Who, as she heard his tale of care, Seemed more to smile than shed a tear. But all these things to one end tended, His days at Windram's school were ended. So, friends, I tell you, in conclusion, Ends lesson first in elocution. THE DIFFICULTY DECIDED;
Page 19 - in her unprotected lap ! She horrid screamed, as well she might, For she was going out that night, First upon a friend to call, And after to a full-dress ball, And had but just her own room quitted, To ask her lord how the
Page 128 - She sighed, while speaking; but, in accents kind, Her lord, with sweet words, sought to soothe her mind. Frank gently answered, till tears filled his eyes, His utterance choked, that now he vainly tries, Casts a forlorn look o'er the briny deep, And sobs aloud, and hides his face to weep. They speechless gaze ; it doth a mystery seem, The phantom
Page 114 - To see your Father, of friends best, And, in His presence, peaceful rest; Where ignorance and sin no more Shall the soul's prospects fair obscure; But truth and love, with light divine, Within, around, on all shall shine. Hail! spirit, hail!

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