Pierre Fauconnier and His Descendants: With Some Account of the Allied Valleaux

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Press of S. H. Burbank & Company, 1911 - 266 halaman
Pierre Fauconnier II (d.1746) was a grandson of Pierre Fauconnier and Judith Normand, and a son of Jean Fauconnier and Madeleine De la Touche, French Huguenots who had immigrated to London, England. Pierre II married Madelaine Pasquereau in 1680, and immigrated during or before 1702 to New York City, subsequently moving to Hacksensack, New Jersey. Descendants and relatives lived in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Ohio, Michigan and elsewhere. Some des- cendants immigrated after the Revolutionary War to Ontario and elsewhere in Canada. Includes much ancestry and genealogical data in France to the early 1500s.

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