Pietas Austriaca

Purdue University Press, 2004 - 117 Seiten

Pietas Austriaca is a path-breaking study of therelationship between religious beliefs and practices and the Habsburg politicalculture from the end of the medieval period to the early twentieth century. Inthis seminal work, originally published in 1959, Anna Coreth examines the waysthat Catholic beliefs in the power of the Eucharist, the cross, the VirginMary, and saints were crucial for the Habsburg ruling dynasties in Austria andSpain. Coreth analyzes how leading Habsburg rulers in the early modern period,such as Rudolf I; Ferdinand I, II, and III; Maria Theresa; and Joseph II, usedCatholic sacraments, rituals, and symbols to create a sense of identity andpolitical purpose for their far-flung possessions in Europe. She further demonstrateshow this Catholic culture drew on earlier models of pious Catholic rulers,especially the memory of Rudolph, and discusses the importance of thisparticular brand of Catholic piety in the confrontation with Protestantism inthe Counter-Reformation period and in the encounter with the Muslim Turkish Empire.Coreth extends her study to discuss the myriad ways that this religious culturecontinued to influence Austrian society in the nineteenth and twentiethcenturies. Pietas Austriaca is a tourde force that combines expert social, cultural, gender, and intellectualanalysis of the political and religious landscape of one of Europe's mostimportant empires and leading dynastic houses.


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Piety as Pricely Virture
Eucharistic Piety Pietas Eucharistica
B Participation in Eucharistic Triumphal Processions
C Veneration of the Eucharist by the Habsburgs up to the Twentieth Century
Faith in the Cross of Christ Fiducia in Crucem Christi
Marian Piety Pietas Mariana
B Mary as Supreme Commander Generalissimo and Patron of Ferdinand II and Ferdinand III
C Mary as Empress and Queen at the Time of Leopold I
D Crisis and the Last Flowering of the Baroque Veneration of Mary
E Offshoors of the Baroque Marian Piety Pietas Mariana in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
The Veneration Saints
Coreths Primary Sources
Coreths Secondary Literature

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Anna Coreth studied history at the University of Vienna. She was an archivist and Austrian historian.

William David Bowman teaches courses in modern European history and historical methods. His research interests include the social and cultural history of Germany and Austria, with an emphasis upon the history of religion and medicine.

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