Pike's Circus Day

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Trafford Publishing, 2002 - Fiction - 269 pages
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Pike's Circus Day is the story of The Beck, a Good Witch, and her brother B.C., who has magical capabilities including the option of changing into any animal he wishes. They live a good life in northern Georgia until Pike, his two vicious little sons Ralphis and Mikie, and his hirelings build The Black Tower on a Georgia mountain. This tower is the center of Pike's Hunting Jungle, a place where great exotic animals are kidnapped, caged and kept until the highest bidder comes along and kills them as they come out of their cages.

Pike uses his great riches to control the elements, the country people and whoever will serve him in his cause of killing in order to make Americans "men".

The Beck, who operates a successful country restaurant, and B.C. know that, because of their powers, they have a moral obligation to send Pike and his gang packing while at the same time exposing them internationally so that they cannot go somewhere else and cause the same troubles.

The Beck, a lonely girl since the death of her parents when B.C. was born eight years before, gets hurt in this cause but finds Joe, someone to love, and sees B.C. become more and more a man.

They not only expend their gifts in this fight but also brings the animals Pike would destroy into the fight to stop him and his gang in The Black Tower. They also use Pike's own worldwide communication system to expose his evil to the world.

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