Pioneer priests of North America, 1642-1710, Volume 2

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Fordham University Press, 1910 - Jesuits
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Page 286 - ... property in three counties, it was said of him that he could himself return no fewer than seven members to Parliament, since to vote the way the Squire ordered was the whole duty of the good tenant. He was regarded with universal respect and a good deal of awe, and was a perfect terror to the poacher. It is told of him that on one occasion when he was sitting on the Bench a young lawyer from London, who was present, ventured to criticise a pronouncement of the Squire's as not legal. " Young man,
Page 168 - ... deafening roar of waters plunging to depths unknown, to the silent solitudes of the Selkirks, whose glittering peaks cleave the very clouds above — all these and others, surpass it immeasurably either in majesty of outline or in perfection of detail. But no spot on the wide expanse of this continent was hallowed by a nobler sacrifice for the Master than was consummated on this hilltop a few acres in extent, and which lay for two centuries and a half lost in the recesses of the forest. There...
Page 167 - ... Which at the same time lies at the proper distance, and 3. In the right direction from Ste. Marie I. (The Old Fort). Configuration of the Ground. • RELATIONS. St. • Ignace II. " was enclosed with a palisade of posts fifteen or sixteen feet high, and encircled by a deep depression [in the land], with which nature had powerfully fortified the place on three sides, leaving but a small space weaker than the other sides. It was through that part that the enemy, at early dawn, forced an entrance,...
Page 301 - Monsieur de la ferte sang the bass; St. martin Played the violin; there was also a german flute, which proved to be out of tune when they came to the Church. We had finished a little before midnight; they nevertheless sang the Te Deum, and a little later a cannon shot was fired as the Signal of midnight, when mass began.
Page 168 - ... admiration, were not memories of a far higher order of excellence woven round it. Vastly grander visions of the . beautiful and sublime in nature are to be met with within the confines of this great Dominion, and in an endless variety of kind, from the beetling crags of Trinity Rock, the towering mass of Cape eternity on the Saguenay, to the fairy scenes of enchanting beauty in the Islands of the St. Lawrence : from Niagara, with its deafening roar of waters plunging to depths unknown, to the...
Page 258 - Jesuit Fathers in New France, sent from Bordeaux to the Reverend Father Superior of the Jesuit College at Paris, and dated November 22, 1629.
Page 31 - In the morning we manned our scute with four muskets and six men, and took one of their shallops and brought it aboard. Then we manned our boat and scute with twelve men and muskets, and two stone pieces, or murderers, and drave the salvages from their houses, and took the spoil of them, as they would have done of us.
Page 146 - ... public feast I sung it, and little by little I fell into a trance, and I discovered that I could carry fire in my hands and mouth, and plunge my naked arms into cauldrons of scalding water without feeling the slightest pain. In a word I was perfect in the art, and during the twenty years I practiced magic, I had sometimes three or four of those dances in a single day. Indeed, instead of burning myself, I felt cool and refreshed." He added that he could never succeed in his performances unless...
Page 40 - ... in Virginia, after three weeks or thereabout. The Marshal (of whom we have spoken above) listened very willingly to Captain Argal as he related all that had taken place, and in a proper spirit of devotion awaited Father Biard, to shorten for him his voyages and to make him find the end of the world from the middle of a ladder...
Page 151 - ... with the remnants of his tribe. While there he gave an example of chastity which recalls the classic ones of Holy Scripture; but in spite of his irreproachable life, his wife was insanely jealous, and although the difficulty was patched up by the Fathers it was continually revived. Poor Teondechoren stood it for a year, when Heaven intervened. He and a party of Hurons had gone down to Tadoussac to sell their furs when a squall struck the canoe, and they all disappeared in the depths of the St....

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