Pirouettes for Love: A True Story

Front Cover
Trafford Publishing, 2007 - 332 pages

Real life, everyday people, authentic situations - Pirouettes for Love tells it as it happens.

With a candid outlook, this book becomes an open examination of the author's story of depression through horrendous abuse. It combines an honest view of frailty, strengths and confusions with a naughty sense of humor.

From a mother's absolute control to a manipulative partner, how worse can it get? Caught in a marriage where her gambler husband's maxim becomes "Isn't your money, my money too?" Marie learns that pleasing for love hardly guarantees results. Depressive illness makes her life more desperate as infidelity confuses the situation. As the dynamics of the struggling marriage get worse, Marie does what she knows best - running back and forth amidst attempts at self-destruction.

"I should have killed you" is the new partner's motto. Tiptoeing out of her post-divorce voluntary confinement, she has given her heart to this man. Before long, the bliss of perfect love has reached nightmarish tones. In between her tears, Marie tries to find a light side to the craziness of some of the incidents; yet the seriousness of her position gets more apparent. Did she go wrong in revealing her past to her charming lover or does he have a history or a dark side? He reveals his extreme jealousy, as he checks on her at all times and tries to control her. Marie soon faces alcohol violence when her partner obsessively and falsely accuses her of cheating with everyone around him. The contradiction to this fixation lies in his daily reminder of his adoration for her. Insisting on a genuine partnership, she is unambiguous that there is no compromise for real love.

Marie analyses her reaction to her situation, bearing in mind the typical pattern of women facing domestic abuse. The gradual progression of the violence rings an alarm to the obvious - no words of love and constant reassurance guarantee her wellbeing. The pointers to a dangerous situation outweigh his promises. It is time to put away the rosy blinkers and to focus on safety.

"Love comes with Respect. I will not be a victim" - Marie's own motto guides her to fight back her depression and become resilient enough to escape the insanity of a bizarre relationship.

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