Pius XII: Masterly Diplomat, Crafty Politician, Militant Paranoiac

Front Cover
Antony Stockwell, 2016 - 276 pages
Eugenio Pacelli, who became Pius XII, was an ambitious and fixated diplomat who was deeply involved in the politics of other nations. His narrow and persistent, but misguided political machinations led him down the tortuous paths to numerous inter¬national tragedies that had disastrous conse¬quences for millions of innocent people.Hitler, Stalin, and Pacelli were all paranoiacs. Pacelli's great obsessive fear was Communism. This blinkered fixation blighted his brilliant but narcissistic career to the end of his days. It distorted his judgement, his decisions, and his Christianity.Pacelli supported several ruthless European fascist dictators, and was one of the major protagonists of the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and his evil Nazism. Later, he assisted Nazi and other war criminals in escaping justice.Pius is shown to have had a minimal interest in the sufferings of humanity; nor was he basically concerned with human rights. His ingrained anti-Semitism led him to abandon six million Jewish men, women and children to the horrors of the Holocaust. Pacelli has the unique distinction of being partially responsible for the outbreak of four major wars, and was a major player in both fuelling the Cold War and advocating atomic strikes.The Catholic Church has been promoting Pius XII for several decades - there being a highly controversial move to designate him a 'Saint'. It is generally acknowledged that Pius was a great man who, justifiably, was 'revered as a masterly diplomat.' Nonetheless, this comprehensive and thought-provoking book demonstrates with certainty that he fails substantially to meet the Catholic Church's criteria for sainthood.

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