Plan C: The Full-Time Employee and Part-Time Entrepreneur

Front Cover, Feb 21, 2013 - Business & Economics - 171 pages
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Once upon a time in America, the world of work was simpler. We were told to go for Plan A: Go to a great college, since your parents probably didn't get the chance. Then go to a professional school-medical, dental, law, you pick it. Then graduate, and get the very best 'professional' job you can. Work your dupa off. Work 60 hours a week. Give 150%, even though you don't own anything. Become an employee! However, you're expendable.'re laid off.
Then we could try Plan B: Go through twelve stages of losing job. Declare that you'll chuck it all to start your own business to live the dream. Work your dupa off. Work 120 hours a week. Give 250%, and you own everything. You're an entrepreneur! However, you're dealing with uncertainty, administration, and lack of cash flow. You're dealing with your beautiful dream and the sometimes-ugly reality. And, you're exhausted, frustrated, and...closed.
This book is about Plan C: Don't chuck the day job, keep it. Don't chuck the entrepreneurial dream, keep that too. DO BOTH! Work the full-time day job, and create the entrepreneurial dream on the side. You'll be working ALL THE TIME in your head and pretty much in your life. It won't be easy. But what in life is that IS worth doing This book is about how to live a Plan C life, with real interviews, from real-world Plan Cers redefining the American Dream.
"What are you so passionate about that you would be willing to do it for 10 years without ever making a dime? That's what you should do. Plan C gives great examples of how this has been successful for others." -Tony Hsieh, NY Times bestselling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of, Inc.

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Erin Albert is a Plan Cer herself, as an entrepreneur, writer, pharmacist, assistant professor, and law student. She has written several books about practical entrepreneurship, and taught students how to write business plans and think like entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs at Butler University. A student of law, Erin plans to graduate in 2012 from Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis. To learn more about the author, visit

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