Ticknor and Fields, 1855 - 62 sidor

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Sida 9 - Hawthorne, deserving a place second to none in that band of humorists, whose beautiful depth of cheerful feeling is the very poetry of mirth. In ease, grace, delicate sharpness of satire, in a felicity of touch which often surpasses the felicity of Addison, in a subtlety of insight which often reaches further than the subtlety of Steele,— the humor of Hawthorne presents traits so fine as to be almost too excellent for popularity, as, to every one who has attempted their criticism, they are too...
Sida 29 - Then, Madam, the ball shall not take place. Have I not told you that I am in the power of this man? That there are circumstances which it is happy for you that you do not know — which you cannot comprehend, — but which render it essential that you should be civil to Mr. Snobson? Not you merely, but Seraphina also? He is a more appropriate match for her than your foreign favorite.
Sida 29 - So much the better — he shall never marry my daughter! — I am resolved on that. Why, Madam, I am told there is in Paris a regular matrimonial stock company, who fit out indigent dandies for this market. How do I know but this fellow is one of its creatures, and that he has come here to increase its dividends by marrying a fortune?
Sida 20 - Confidence! Truly, Colonel Howard, the confidence is entirely on your part, in supposing that I confide that which I have no reason to conceal! I think I informed you that Mrs. Tiffany only received visitors on her reception day — she is therefore not prepared to see you. Zeke — Oh! I beg his pardon — Adolph, made some mistake in admitting you.
Sida 37 - Ger. (musingly) Friday night, while supper is serving, he is to meet Millinette here and explain — what? This man is an impostor ! His insulting me — his familiarity with Millinette — his whole conduct — prove it.
Sida 39 - I'm in such a fidget lest that vulgar old fellow should disgrace us by some of his plebeian remarks! What it is to give a ball, when one is forced to invite vulgar people! (Mrs. Tiffany advances towards...
Sida 3 - This mode of receiving visitors only upon one specified day of the week is a most convenient custom! It saves the trouble of keeping the house continually in order and of being always dressed. I flatter myself that / was the first to introduce it amongst the New York ee-light.
Sida 53 - Have you done? Very well, it's my turn now. Antony, perhaps what I have to say don't concern you as much as some others — but I want you to listen to me. You remember, Antony, [his tone becomes serious], a blue-eyed, smiling girl — TIFFANY: Your daughter, Sir?
Sida 41 - Dear me! Millinette, what is the difference? besides I'd have you to know that Americans always improve upon French fashions! here, take the basket, and let me see that you do it in the most you-nick and genteel manner. (MILLINETTE poutingly takes the basket and retires up stage. A MARCH.

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