Plays of Gods and Men

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J.W. Luce & Company, 1917 - Fantasy drama, English - 201 pages
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Page 197 - SNIGGERS. He's a deep one. THE TOFF. Well, you see I just have a knack of foreseeing things. SNIGGERS. I should think you did. BILL. Why, I don't suppose anything happens that our Toff doesn't foresee. Does it, Toffy? THE TOFF. Well, I don't think it does, Bill. I don't think it often does. BILL. Life is no more than just a game of cards to our old Toff. THE TOFF. Well, we've taken these fellows
Page 205 - A VOICE OFF [with outlandish accent]. Meestaire William Jones, Able Seaman. [THE TOFF has never spoken, never moved. He only gazes stupidly in horror.] BILL. Albert, Albert, what is this? [He rises and walks out. One moan is heard. SNIGGERS goes to the window.
Page 182 - Sniggers (out of breath). We've come back, Toffy. The Toff. So you have. Albert. Toffy— How did they get here? The Toff. They walked, of course. Albert. But it's eighty miles. Sniggers. Did you know they were here, Toffy? The Toff. Expected them about now. Albert. Eighty miles.
Page 175 - The Curtain rises on a room in an inn. [Sniggers and Bill are talking. The Toff is reading a paper. Albert sits a little apart.] SNIGGERS. What's his idea, I wonder ? BILL. I don't know. SNIGGERS. And how much longer will he keep us here ? BILL. We've been here three days. SNIGGERS. And 'aven't seen a soul. BILL. And a pretty penny it cost us when he rented the 'pub. SNIGGERS. 'Ow long did 'e rent the 'pub for ? BILL. You never know with him.
Page 186 - Not when there was money on it. BILL. Well, well. THE TOFF. Have a game of poker ? ALL. No thanks. THE TOFF. Then do as you're told. BILL. All right, Toffy. SNIGGERS. I saw something just then. Hadn't we better draw the curtains? THE TOFF. No. SNIGGERS. What? THE TOFF. Don't draw the curtains. SNIGGERS.
Page 179 - em in charge? Albert. What about the ruby, Bill? Bill. Ah! Albert. Well, I did better than that. I walks up and down through Hull. I walks slow enough. And then I turns a corner and I runs. I never sees a corner but I turns it. But sometimes I let a corner pass just to fool them. I twists about like a hare. Then I sits down and waits. No priests.
Page 201 - This whiskey's too much for my head, and I must keep it clear till our friends are safe in the cellar. BILL: Water. Yes, of course. Get him some water, Sniggers. SNIGGERS: We don't use water here. Where shall I get it? BILL: Outside in the garden.
Page 194 - ... showed you how to do it. Albert. Yes. The Toff. Just run over here and have a fight at this window with these two men. Albert. But they're— The Toff. Yes, they're dead, my perspicuous Albert. But Bill and I are going to resuscitate them—. Come on. (Bill picks up a body under the arms.) The Toff. That's right, Bill. (Does the same.) Come and help us, Sniggers — (Sniggers comes.) Keep low, keep low. Wave their arms about, Sniggers. Don't show yourself. Now, Albert, over you go. Our Albert...
Page 206 - VOICE. Meestaire Albert Thomas, Able Seaman. ALBERT. Must I go, Toffy? Toffy, must I go? SNIGGERS [clutching him]. Don't move. ALBERT [going]. Toffy, Toffy. [Exit.] VOICE. Meestaire Jacob Smith, Able Seaman. SNIGGERS. I can't go, Toffy. I can't go. I can't do it. [He goes.] VOICE. Meestaire Arnold Everett Scott-Fortescue, late Esquire, Able Seaman.
Page 207 - Voice. Meestaire Albert Thomas, Able Seaman. Albert. Must I go, Toffy? Toffy, must I go? Sniggers [clutching him]. Don't move. Albert [going]. Toffy, Toffy. [Exit. Voice. Meestaire Jacob Smith, Able Seaman. Sniggers. I can't go, Toffy, I can't go. I can't do it. [He goes. Voice. Meestaire Arnold Everett Scott-Fortescue, late Esquire, Able Seaman. The Toff. I did not foresee it. [Exit. CURTAIN...

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