Plays of Protest: The Naturewoman, The Machine, The Second-story Man, Prince Hagen

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M. Kennerley, 1911 - 226 pages
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Page 153 - Tell them. JIM. I've seen a man there get caught in one of the cranes. They stopped the machinery, but they couldn't get him out. They'd have had to take the crane apart, and that would have cost several days, and it was rush time, and the man was only a poor Hunkie, and there was no one to know or care. So they started up the crane, and cut his leg off.
Page iv - Sinclair is a traitor to civilization, and his main thesis, which is that a woman with the habits and ideas of a porpoise is superior to a woman with the habits and ideas of Madame Roland, will not wash.
Page iv - I have come to the conviction that it is better to have "the habits and ideas of a porpoise" — with a porpoise's digestion — than it is to have "the habits and ideas of Madame Roland" — plus the headaches and backaches which most of the Madame Rolands of my knowledge are obliged to contend with.
Page 162 - ... our backs. And it don't much matter which part you ride on, as far as I can see. You'll make your husband get a new job, maybe; but he'll do the same thing in another way . . . only you won't find it out. But any way he gets his money it'll come out of me and my kind. D'ye see? I do the work . . . I'm the man underneath. I make the good things, and you get them. [A pause.] Good luck to you. MRS.
Page 118 - The Comptroller contends, on appeal, that such a deed cannot create a common law estate under the common law rules as to unity. The learned Surrogate, in discussing the Klatzl case, in his opinion in the Horler case, says: "The Comptroller contends that the decision of the Court of Appeals in the Matter of Klatzl (216 NY 83 ; 110 NE 181) is controlling on this point. In that case decedent who was seized of certain real estate, conveyed it to himself and his wife as tenants by the entirety. Three...

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