Pleasure Excursions: as Guides for Making Day's Excursions on the Eastern Counties, South-Eastern [and Other] Railways

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Page 6 - There is a spot in the churchyard, near the footpath, on the brow of the hill looking towards Windsor, and a tomb under a large tree (bearing the name of Peachie, or Peachey), where I used to sit for hours and hours when a boy. This was my favourite spot...
Page 11 - The lofty tower, with the grated door and porter's lodge beneath it, the retired ambulatory, the separate cells, the common refectory, the venerable church, the black flowing dress and the silver cross worn by the members, the conventual appellation of brother, with which they salute each other ; in short, the silence, the order, and the neatness, that here reign, serve to recall the idea of a monastery to those who have seen one, and will give no imperfect idea of such an establishment to those...
Page 3 - Others are in the horse-shoe form, of which the entrance into the north porch is the most antique specimen. In one place we have a curious triangular arch. The capitals and bases of the columns alternately vary in their form, as well as in their ornaments. The same circumstance is observable in the ribs of the arches, especially in the north and south aisles; some of them being plain, and others profusely embellished, and in different styles, even within the same arch.
Page 3 - ... 120 feet, and a large square tower over the intersection. It is entirely the work of De Blois, except the front and upper story of the west end, which are of a...
Page 7 - ... repairinge of highwayes, and other good and charitable uses, hath made conveyance of lands of good value to a corporation granted for that purpose. Prayers be to the Author of all goodness, Who make us myndful to follow his good example.
Page 7 - ... when she composed her hands to play and her voice to sing, it was joined with that sweetness of countenance that three harmonies concurred ; likewise, when she danced, her rare proportions varied themselves into all the graces that belong either to rest or motion.
Page 11 - They had also a pottage called mortrel, made of milk and wastelbred, a dish of flesh or fish, as the day should require, and a pittance for their dinner, likewise one dish for their supper. Besides these thirteen resident poor men, the foundation required that one hundred others, the most indigent that could be found in the city, but of good characters, should be provided every day with a loaf of bread, three quarts of small beer, and two messes for their dinner, in a hall appointed for this purpose,...

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