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Page 46 - to be seen: All purchasable goods in life's vast mart. Some riches added to a gathered heap ; A family connection, sweet to pride; Success o'er rivals on the crowded stage, Where politics are made life's comedy, And party's fragments hail him as their chief. All this he hopes for ; but to work for good— Extinguish
Page 38 - hopes,"— Knowing full well that soon the end will come. The table's strewed with phials, on the chance Of some hours' respite from unceasing pain. Through window's pane no cheerful light appears, But fog and grime in equal portions rise ; Whilst priest and doctor in succession try, With creed or medicine, to allay unrest.
Page 19 - mighty power of genius! Vainly strove The legions to approach that city's walls, Or with the galleys landing to effect. Launched in mid air, rock-showers their circles traced, Then thund'ring crushed the assailants' serried ranks, And swamped the vessels ere they touched the shore, Or bore them quivering high above the host. The
Page 45 - Aye, tell me who doth not, at times, Forsake the true, for error's glittering path ? Yet Nature, by her kindly laws, provides That error's self oft leads back to the true : Bearing us scathed, but cautious, on the flood Of self-denial's waves to safer port. Then, to the pilgrim, will occur again A
Page 38 - plucked the branch That hung so tempting by the wand'rer's path. All this, repeated hourly by our couch, Like tick of clock that jars upon the ear, Is still accompanied by wearing pain, That mocks all efforts to avert its sting. Friends come and go, perchance with anxious mien, And bland hypocrisy of
Page 20 - great The glory was of Syracuse's defence. And yet 'tis said this man of abstract thought Deemed all the glory of accomplished facts But trifling, when compared with problems' truth, By delicate deductions clearly proved, And stored in science' treasure-house for aye. Thought is a monarch, mightier in its force
Page 24 - of blood by higher claims subdued, And citizenship before kindred placed. 'Twas not for selfish ends that deed was done. Efforts were made to bring him back to right; To Corinth's liberties his life was due. Yet none can thus o'erstep great Nature's laws Nor suffering escape. A mother's curse
Page 6 - rare it is to find A noble soul with noble form allied,— Too often doomed the opposite to see : Fair face and figure joined to Devil's spite, Or warlike head that masks a coward's heart. But here was joined the bloom of beauty's flower With fruit of earnest resolution's will!
Page 12 - natures to subdue. Perchance he told them of their native home And tender magic of the household gods, And of bright scenes of youth, when life appears Like gushing fountain glitt'ring in the sun, Ere slavery had brought its blight and curse. Perchance he touched some chord that vibrates when
Page 48 - solemnly across Time's level floor : Collapse of war ; repeal of penal laws, Which take from man the life which Heaven bestowed; Extinction of the hopeless pauper's class : That later creed embracing all the rays From lights held o'er the march of progress swift; Love pointing to fraternity of man,

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