Poems: From the German of Ferdinand Freiligrath

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Tauchnitz, 1871 - 260 pages
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Page 142 - Thou brakest the heads of Leviathan in pieces, and gavest him to be meat to the people inhabiting the wilderness.
Page 136 - Twas at midnight, in the Desert, where we rested on the ground ; There my Beddaweens were sleeping, and their steeds were stretched around ; In the farness lay the moonlight on the Mountains of the Nile, And the camel-bones that strewed the sands for many an arid mile. With my saddle for a pillow did I prop my weary head, And my kaftan-cloth unfolded o'er my limbs was lightly spread, While beside me, as the...
Page 14 - Soon, in the far and wooded West Shall log-house walls therewith be graced; Soon many a tired tawny guest Shall sweet refreshment from them taste. From them shall drink the Cherokee, Faint with the hot and dusty chase ; No more from German vintage, ye Shall bear them home, in leaf-crowned grace.
Page 137 - More and more ! the phantom-pageant overshadowed all the plains, Yea, the ghastly camel-bones arose, and grew to camel-trains : And the whirling column-clouds of sand to forms in dusky garbs, Here, afoot as HADJEE pilgrims ; there, as warriors on their barbs ! Whence we knew the Night was come when all whom Death had sought and found Long ago amid the sands whereon their bones yet bleach around, Rise by legions from the darkness of their prisons low and lone, And in dim procession march to kiss the...
Page 3 - To geysers' depths and Hecla's hill. In fields where ice lies layer on layer, And lava hardens o'er the whole, And the circle of the Arctic Pole Looks forth on snow-crags ever bare ; Where fierce volcanic fires burn blue, Through many a meteor-lighted night, 'Mid springs that foam in boiling might, These blandly-bitter lichens grew. Where from the mountain's furnace-lair, From thousand smoke-enveloped cones, Colossal blocks of red-hot stones...
Page 137 - When, behold ! — a sudden sandquake — and atween the earth and moon Rose a mighty Host of Shadows, as from out some dim lagoon : Then our coursers gasped with terror, and a thrill shook every man, And the cry was, "Allah Akbar ! — 'tis the SpectreCaravan!
Page 187 - Kings, be just! Be just, if bold ! Loose where you may : bind only where you must!' " O pray for Lady Agnes ! Pray for the wretched Lady Agnes! "I, sinful one, in Orlamund I slew my children fair : Thence evermore, till time be o'er, my dole and my despair. Of that one crime in olden time was born my endless woe; For that one crime I wander now in darkness to and fro. Think ye of me, and what I dree, you whom no law controls, Who slay your people's holiest hopes, their liberties, their souls...
Page 136 - Bazra sword and pistols twain a-shimmering on the sand. And the stillness was unbroken, save at moments by a cry From some stray belated vulture sailing blackly down the sky, Or the snortings of a sleeping steed at waters fancy-seen, Or the hurried warlike mutterings of some dreaming Beddaween. When, behold ! — a sudden sandquake — and...
Page 187 - ... the side Of the sleeping Prince and Princess — of the Landgrave and his bride; And at whiles along the corridors is heard her thrilling cry — " Awake, awake, my kindred ! — The Time of Times is nigh!
Page 186 - ONCE more the Phantom Countess, attired in white, appears, With mourning and with wailing, with tremors and with tears, Once more appears a-gliding forth from pictures and from walls In Prussia's gorgeous palaces and old baronial halls — And the guards that pace the ramparts and the terracewalks by night Are stricken with a speechlessness and swooning at the sight. O pray for Lady Agnes ! Pray for the soul of Lady Agnes ! What bodes this resurrection upon our illumined stage ? Comes she perchance...

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