Police Officer's Language Translator: (POLT) 2004 Edition - Asian Languages

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Trafford Publishing, 2004 - 250 pages
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A police officer responds to an unknown trouble call to find an Asian woman sobbing, but the officer cannot even identify the language, let alone communicate with her. The only thing he can be certain of is that something is terribly wrong. Has she been raped? Has her child been kidnapped? Has her car been stolen? Advising dispatch of the situation, he is told that no translators are available. In some jurisdictions, the wait can even take hours. Hours, when even minutes may count. Precious minutes when putting out a description of a fleeing suspect or of a missing or kidnapped child could make all the difference. Even the difference between life and death.
Such instances happen every day in the United States, and no longer in just large cities. Many Asians have settled in suburban and even rural areas, and their numbers continue to increase. While most law enforcement agencies have made great strides in improving their capability to communicate in Spanish, budget constraints have unfortunately prevented them developing adequate Asian language resources. The Police Officer's Language Translator (POLT) provides law enforcement agencies with a cheap, simple, and effective means to quickly and accurately communicate with the Asians in their community.
The POLT is designed for the first officer on the scene in an emergency - the one who must immediately understand what has happened and take action. It deals not only with emergency situations such as violent crime, missing persons, and medical emergencies, but with common occurrences such as traffic stops, minor accidents, and motorist assists. An easy point-to-talk format enables an officer to establish basic communication inChinese (both Traditional and Simplified), Korean, and Vietnamese.
The point-to-talk feature works both ways. The officer is given a variety of choice of things he may wish to say, and, if he finds an appropriate statement or question, he points to it. The Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese translation is immediately under it. The individual the officer is addressing then chooses the appropriate response in his or her own language and points in reply. Underneath is the English translation. Even in extremely large cities that have trained, fluent Asian language translators in their police departments, the POLT will be extremely useful, not only in saving time, but in putting less of a strain on the available departmental translators. Its low cost ($24.95) and portability (8.25 x 10.75," 250 pages) make having one in each patrol vehicle both possible and practical. It is also within the budgets of individual officers who may wish to purchase their own copies.

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