Synthetic First Reader

Front Cover
Western Publishing House, 1891 - Readers - 159 pages

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Page 25 - has been read. The lamp has been lit. Pet's kid has been fed. Nell's hat has been sent. Tab's milk has been spilt. Fred's hen has been fed. Has Nat's pig been fed? Has Ned's ink been spilt? Sam's trap has been set. Sam has hid. That is his hat. Sam will catch that
Page 102 - knocked down the tent pole. Mr. Crow flew away. The toad hopped off. The mule, stepped on the hose snake. The boys ran out and made Joe pay them back the beans. And so the great show came to a sad end. LESSON LXXI. flute suit juice stew view HUGH. Bow-wow! Here I am.
Page 136 - is out. See all the boys run up to the base. Roy says he is not out. Ned says he caught the ball first. See them tell papa all about it. He says Roy was out. their there where bear wear THE ROUND HOUSE IN THE TREE. Once upon a time there were three
Page 4 - a bag ?" will make the office of the adjective apparent. Reading and language lessons should go hand in hand through all the grades. The analysis of sentences becomes easy to pupils taught by the Synthetic Method. The habit of independent thought formed in the first grades, develops the reasoning faculties, while the mechanical
Page 49 - Flip-flip-flop." Look at the pink shells on the sand. Pick them up and save them, Grace. Let us dig a cave in the sand, James. Take the spade and help us make it. Let us wash our hands in the waves. It is not late. Let us wade, boys.
Page 89 - I feel so weak and hot. It is so close down here." "Poor, poor Mr. Pond!" said the stream. "I wish I could get up to the top of my banks once more. I do so long to see the woods and the green fields." "It would do you good I am sure,
Page 109 - May said she must have them. Then she picked up a piece of lace. "I must have yards of this," she said. "And, oh, I must have that silk scarf, too." "Your gold piece is gone, Miss," said the store man. "You have not a cent left to buy the scarf with.
Page 30 - What did Dot have? Was it a doll? It had on a doll's dress. It had a cap on its head. Bring the doll in. The doll has gone. A rat was on the step. The doll sprang at it. The rat ran. The doll's cap fell off. What was Dot's doll? A big black cat.
Page 113 - same child who had begged her papa to buy me. I should not have known my doll friend. Her face was bruised and soiled and her head was cracked. This showed how she had been treated. I know now it is not best for us to have our own way when young.
Page 144 - thank you, mamma!" When they went out what do you think they saw? A bright red sleigh with a brown horse hitched to it. The air was crisp and cold and the ground was white with snow. "Whose sleigh is this, papa? Is it yours?" "No,

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