Pollard's Synthetic Reader

Front Cover
Western Publishing House, 1895 - Readers (Elementary)

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Page 82 - the skiff up on the sand. Frank made eight plates out of some chips he found. The boys had a nice lunch. Then they fished in the lake. When it was time to go home they had a long string of fish. "Thank you, Frank," said the boys. "We have had great fun to-day.
Page 102 - knocked down the tent pole. Mr. Crow flew away. The toad hopped off. The mule stepped on the hose snake. The boys ran out and made Joe pay them back the beans. And so the great show came to a sad end. LESSON LXXI. flute suit juice stew view HUGH. Bow-wow! Here I am.
Page 136 - is out. See all the boys run up to the base. Roy says he is not out. Ned says he caught the ball first. See them tell papa all about it. He says Roy was out. their there where bear wear THE ROUND HOUSE IN THE TREE. Once upon a time there were three
Page 95 - Let me think about it to-night, Will." The next day the boys met at school. Mr. Bright stood by his desk. He pointed to the ink spot and said: "Boys, can you tell me who did this?" "Yes, Mr. Bright," said Will and Frank at the same time.
Page 66 - I am sure I shall not get well." "Tut, tut, none of that, Mr. Frog. We will have you up in no time." "Do you think so, Dr. Fly?" "Why, to be sure. Let me feel your pulse. One, two, three, six, ten" counted Dr. Fly. "Whew! this will not do. Have you tasted
Page 113 - same child who had begged her papa to buy me. I should not have known my doll friend. Her face was bruised and soiled and her head was cracked. This showed how she had been treated. I know now it is not best for us to have our own way when young.
Page 40 - Yes, if Trip should vex him. Ned has a big trap. Could Ned catch a rat in it? The cat was shut up in that trap once. What fun the rats had then! One rat drank Tab's milk. A big rat stood on top of the trap. Tab could not catch him.
Page 109 - May said she must have them. Then she picked up a piece of lace. "I must have yards of this," she said. "And, oh, I must have that silk scarf, too." "Your gold piece is gone, Miss," said the store man. "You have not a cent left to buy the scarf with.
Page 70 - Brown did not say anything. "Have his wings been waxed?" "Waxed? No!" said Mr. Brown. "What makes you think so?" fished out of a pond. Do take him down, Mr. Brown." "Oh, no; I do not think he is as bad as that,
Page 26 - His bed is in a big box. The fox hid in the box. Mr. Fox had a nap in it. Bess had a pet hen. The fox ran off with it. Don, Don, get the fox. Can Don catch the fox? Don did not get him. Mr. Fox let the hen

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