Pollard's Synthetic First[ -third] Reader

Front Cover
American book Company, 1891 - Readers

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Page 25 - has been read. The lamp has been lit. Pet's kid has been fed. Nell's hat has been sent. Tab's milk has been spilt. Fred's hen has been fed. Has Nat's pig been fed ? Has Ned's ink been spilt ? Sam's trap has been set. Sam has hid. That is his hat. Sam will catch that
Page 97 - Let me think about it to-night, Will." The next day the boys met at school. Mr. Bright stood by his desk. He pointed to the ink spot and said: " Boys, can you tell me who did this ? " " Yes, Mr. Bright," said Will and Frank at the same time.
Page 66 - Tut, tut, none of that, Mr. Frog. We will have you up in no time." "Do you think so, Dr. Fly?" "Why, to be sure. Let me feel your pulse. One, two, three, six, ten," counted Dr. Fly. "Whew! this will not do. Have you tasted
Page 94 - Why did not Tot lie still and keep his eyes shut? Why did Spot make such a noise ? A big fly would not let them sleep. The fly was not as big as one of Tot's fists and Spot was many times as big as the fly. But Tot, Spot and Rob could not make that fly mind. How it did
Page 73 - When you come to the house I will give you some nice food." " Tray will not play with us now," said the boys. " See, he has crept into the shed to hide. How old Black did peck him!" LESSON LXI. mail gain paid chain THE STORES. * " Is it time to go to the train, Kate
Page 94 - When Spot shut his eyes, the fly buzzed in his face. Spot would shake his head and snap at it. Then the fly would seat itself upon Tot's nose. Tot would rub his nose, cry, and try to brush it off.
Page 73 - not blame the hen, boys," said Clay. " I see some eggs in the nest." As Clay bent down to look old Black flew at him. " Cut-cut-cut!" said she. " Come away, boys," said Clay. " We must not touch old Black's eggs.
Page 61 - have me. But I knew he would not use me well. He broke a blade in less than an hour. He threw me on a knot in a plank. I flew up and hit him on the knee.
Page 63 - shore of Bull Frog Pool. It was made of white mushrooms. It had a front room, a back room, and a bed room. It was shaded by long green weeds. A big flat rock was close by.
Page 75 - " Some one must keep cows, sheep, pigs, geese and ducks." "But we have no pigs and ducks."

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