Polnīi russko-angliiskii slovar

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Page 86 - ... felony : as to misprision of felony, if there is such a crime, a Greek chorus thinks nothing of it. But that is no business of mine. What I was going to say is that, as the chorus sometimes intermingles too much in the action, so the actors sometimes intermingle in the business of the chorus. Now, when you are at Rome, you must do as they do at Rome.
Page 398 - Europe, and in peaceful possession of all the estates and dominions belonging to it: unless, by divine providence, what is got over the devil's back, is spent under his belly; or the goods which they unjustly get, perish with their prodigal heirs.
Page 200 - ... деть (вн.) put* (d.), do (with); куда он ~л мою книгу? where did he put my book?; what has he done with my book?; он не знает, куда ~ свой деньги, время, энергию he doesjn't know what to do with his money, time, energy [...nou...
Page 451 - Калан; —скачет», — пляшеть, — ппсенки поетъ, need makes the naked man run, the naked queen spin, and the old wife trot; — сдружаетг, a friend is best found in adversity; ;; какая—? what need? что лк» *»— ? what Jóos it matter tourne?
Page 78 - ... there has been many a peck of salt eaten since that time; OHS протеле сквозь огонь и веду. he has suffered the greatest hardships and privations; tin...
Page 366 - ... in the twinkling of an eye, in the turn of a hand; in the smack of a whip; at one view; CHS сдплам »то ввговъ, he did it m no lime.

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